Female Body Image Problems

There is a lot of media coverage about unhealthy female body image in the media these days. Girls as young as five start dieting, and this is wrong. People were not created equally, and we also don’t have the same genetics.

That said; not everyone can look like a supermodel, no matter how many plastic surgeries they have. Some women can accept this, some cannot. Girls and mature females, who cannot face their appearance often develop some kind of eating disorder, and end up damaging their health.

The side effects of yo-yo diets are well known to the public, still millions of people take them on, in a hope that they will achieve miraculous results.

What causes unhealthy women body image?

The truth is that females get bombarded every day with unrealistic and often corrupted images about the perfect woman. They think that they need to compete with those celebrities and models from the cover of the magazine, and will do anything to have the same looks.

The truth is that people you see on those pictures are just a small minority of the society.

People are different. They have various genetics, hair color, height and weight. And that makes life more exciting. Wanting to be thin enough is like chasing a dream. There is no connection between happiness and being skinny.

How can women fix their body image?

Women need to face their appearance as it is, and stop thinking about ideal beauty. It does not even exist as such. Tastes are completely different, and there might be some men out there, who would refuse to marry a “perfect woman”, and would rather have an average looking wife, who has a big heart, a good sense of humor, and is going to become a good mother to his children.

Women have to find ways to feel better in their skin, and gain back the confidence they lost by unrealistic expectations or images from the media. There are many ways to do this, from improving family connections, friendships, or just take on a feminine sport or dancing.

Feeling good about yourself only takes some small changes. If your confidence has been knocked by rejection or relationship failures, you need to know that this happens to beautiful celebrities as well.

The connection between confidence and having a healthy body image

Women with an unrealistic body image have difficulties opening up, starting relationships and keeping their partners as well. This is because they lack the confidence to honestly tell to themselves: “I deserve to be loved and adored.” And no matter how frustrating this is for a woman, men will soon escape as well.

They will not be able to put up with these mood swings, caused by female body image problems. Women who generally feel good about themselves, and accept their bodies are able to build better relationships, find more ways to look attractive, even if they are not perfect.

And the more realistic expectations they have, the more successful they will become changing their looks, too.

Stop blaming yourself!

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