Male Body Image

What is the Ideal Male Body Image?

Male body image has just as much importance as women’s. Men obviously do not talk that much about their body, appearance or weight problems as women.

But they are created in a way to constantly seek reassurance from the other sex. They want to win women over, and think that the only way to do it is to have a six pack and strong muscles. And the wrong, unrealistic body image is just as dangerous with men as women.

They can have many health and mental problems, if they can’t accept themselves as they are. There are just as many side effects of muscle building powders and steroids as weight loss pills.

What influences men body image?

The media , movies and even men’s magazines have a great influence on individual expectations. Men always want to be stronger, more muscular, to win over the woman of their dreams.

We need to understand that this is a genetic feature, and that is how it has been for thousands of years. Even cavemen were competing for women, and this is where the “aim to please” instinct of men is from.

But in today’s society, there are other things a man can win women over. And not all girls like body-building type of men. In fact, they don’t like starting a serious relationship with a man who is too attractive for other women. Self –esteem has a huge importance when it comes to men’s role. And a confident man will be more popular among women than a shy one. If a man has unrealistic inner body image, they will lack self-esteem, and women can tell this from miles.

How to set realistic expectations?

You need to improve your body image, to get your confidence back, and start to achieve success with women.

There are some features you can change, and some you can’t. As a man, you would like to make a list of the things you are not happy about, and place them into two groups. Set up a realistic plan about the things you can realistically change. And accept the things you can’t do anything about. This is the secret of creating a realistic men body image.

You will also have to look through what is the reason you are not happy with your body; is it a voice coming from inside of some negative comments in the past. You can easily overcome both of them, if you put all these experiences behind you, and concentrate the present and the future.

What do women really want?

You will be shocked to read this, but a perfect body is not on the top of the list when women are considering choosing a partner. The most important thing they need is emotional security. And it has nothing to do with muscles.

However, as we have mentioned before, they are also looking for confidence. If you are not happy with your body and have a low self-esteem, it can prevent you from landing in a relationship. That is why a healthy male body image is extremely important.

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