How to build self-esteem

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There are always different opinions on how to build self-esteem! In reality, they all work on the same principle, and finding the proper method for you will simply depend on your personal preference!

Low self-esteem is usually the result of negativity - whether you have experienced it from people in your life or it has been self directed. Your inner voice has been trained to be ‘down on yourself’; you refer to yourself mentally as ‘ugly’, ‘dumb’ or ‘useless’.

Learning how to build self-esteem
is easy in theory - just retrain your thought patterns and channel your inner voice toward serving up good feedback rather than bad. In practice this can be a process lasting several months, but it will all be worth it!

You can start by making a list of good things about yourself. List five things about your appearance, five things about your personality, five things you are good at. Post these up in a place where you will see them daily, and every time you are tempted to think or say a bad thing about yourself, make yourself look at the list of good things instead!

Decide on a theme song. This may seem silly to you, but you will be amazed at how simple repetition can sink into your brain. Then if you are feeling down all you have to do is start humming “I Believe I can Fly”!

Likewise make up personal affirmation. This can be something wholly original, or you can choose a quote you particularly like that hinges on your ability to succeed. “I am a smart, confident, beautiful person” is a favorite - so is simply “I am strong, I represent success, I am successful, I am a genius!” You can substitute any of a number of desirable characteristics!

Look in the mirror and repeat self praising sentences, such as “I am proud of myself because_________”. Tape record your voice speaking to yourself, using positive imagery and firm confidence to boost your feelings of competence and self worth.

Once you have begun to feed these types of positive thoughts into your mind , you will start to believe them and live them! The old negativity will fade away, your self-esteem will skyrocket and you will think and feel better about yourself than you have ever done before.

Once you have learned how to build self-esteem you can expand it through your life so that every day is an opportunity to feel good about yourself. You can try new things, bolstered by your new self confidence, and exult in abilities and talents you didn’t even know you had.

You can reach out to others who are struggling, and provide them with the kind word or positive smile that helps them on their own journey. You can set a good example to your children and family.

Figuring out how to build self-esteem isn’t hard - you just have to learn to recognize when you are letting your inner voice bring you down, and direct it to an uplifting role instead!

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