Self help worksheets

Use these self help worksheets to take your first step in a new direction

We all desire to improve our lives. These self help worksheets will help you to clarify and zero in on the areas of your life you’d like to change.

Maybe you’re doing okay, but could you do better? Are you disappointed in yourself or some part of your life? Or are you spending sleepless nights, worried, tormented, scared?

Is it your finances? career? romance? health? spiritual? relationships? addiction? attitude? It’s all on the table here; don’t hold back. Are you ready?

The first step in getting better, doing better and being better, is being honest with yourself in recognizing your “issues.” No one will see these worksheets so take off your “mask” and “get real.” The worst that can happen by filling out these self help worksheets is things will stay the same. The best that can happen is…? It’s all up to you!

Self help worksheet one

Climbing Out of the Pit

What is the one thing going on right now that makes you toss and turn at night, that gives you the “knot” in your stomach, that you’re ashamed to talk about, that you wish would “go away?”

Is it caused by something you’ve done or haven’t done? Was it caused by someone else or conditions outside of anyone’s control?

Think back to a time when you didn’t feel like this; what were you doing different?

Think of one thing you could start doing today to help the situation.

Think of one thing you could stop doing today to help the situation.

Think of one thing you used to do but stopped; something you should start doing again.

Think of one thing you’re doing that helps, that you should continue doing.

Visualize how good you’ll feel when this is behind you. Write it down.

What is the one thing you’ll do today to start your climb out of the “pit?”

Self help worksheet two

Going For It All

Napoleon Hill said “What the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” It’s time to dream, and dream big.

If you were guaranteed that there is absolutely no way you will fail to achieve your desires, what would your life look like? Where would you live? Who would you be with? How would you spend your days? “See it” in your mind and write it down in as much detail as possible.

Think of one thing you could start doing today, a small step towards your dream life.

Think of one thing you should stop doing today that’s holding you back?

Think of one thing you used to do but stopped; something you should start doing again that is a step towards your ideal life.

Think of one thing you’re doing right, that you should continue doing to reach your goal.

Think of the contacts, skills and resources you’ll need to reach your destination. What can you do right now to acquire them?

Completing these worksheets is no guarantee that your life will change. That’s up to you and what you do from this point on. Keep this in a safe place and review it every day.

The seeds you plant today, especially in your mind, will be yours to harvest in the future!

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