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Please fill out the following self help test

Have you taken a self help test lately? Individuals must take the first steps to helping themselves, because improvements in life come from personal choices and not from the things that others can offer.

Your attitude can determine the direction you take when life throws a curveball, and those actions will determine the directions you take in life. So, how well do you help yourself? Take the following quiz to score your level of self-help knowledge and activities. Congratulate yourself for the positive steps you take, and note any areas that may need improvement.

1. When you find yourself thinking negative thoughts about yourself, what do you do?

A. Challenge the negative thought with a positive affirmation

B. Question the validity of the thought

C. Repeat the thought and agree that it’s valid

2. If someone asks you to do something that you’re not comfortable doing, how do you respond?

A. Tell the person that you’re unable to do as they ask

B. Say that you’ll think about it, and allow them to sway your decision

C. Do as they ask, because it’s always best to please others

3. How often do you exercise?

A. I have an exercise schedule that I stick to!

B. At least once a week

C. Rarely

4. When you need help with a task or difficulty in life, what do you do?

A. Ask for assistance from a supportive person

B. Try to complete the task by myself, but ask later if needed

C. I refuse to ask for help

5. Most of the company I keep in my personal life is:

A. Supportive and fun to hang around

B. A mixture of positive and negative influence

C. Draining and demanding

6. Do you view your failures in life as:

A. Learning experiences

B. Things you should’ve done differently, and you would’ve… if you could’ve

C. A reason to stop reaching for new goals

7. When you have a bad day, do you:

A. Talk about it with supportive people and try to relax

B. Wallow in the resulting grumpiness until it wears off

C. Find escape in alcohol or other mind-altering substances

8. When you think about the goals you have set for yourself, do you say:

A. I can do this!

B. We’ll see what happens!

C. Yeah… right.

9. Where do you look for a boost in personal strength?

A. Inward, through prayer or meditation or acknowledgment of accomplishments

B. Outward, to friends or family

C. I hope it just… comes to me

The score

For every question that you answered with an ‘A’, give yourself 3 points; every ‘B’ is 2 points; every ‘C’ is 1 point. If you scored 22 – 27, give yourself a pat on the back and keep up the good work! If you scored 15 – 21, you’re doing pretty well with yourself, but need to focus. A score of 9 – 14 leaves room for improvement, so take note!

Your self help test is not about knowing the answers—it’s about identification of things you can do to better help yourself.

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