Stress Management Quiz 4 You

Use this stress management quiz to better handle stress

This stress management quiz evaluates your personal means of coping with stress, as well as your knowledge of stress management techniques . Write down your answers to the following multiple choice questions to check your answers against the scoring key.

Time Management

1. If you do not have enough time to complete every task on your to-do list, do you:

  • a. Delegate tasks to family and co-workers, or ask for assistance
  • b. Rush through them to complete them all
  • c. Finish what you can and drop the rest

2. The best method for improving time management is to:

  • a. Create a schedule and stick to it through goals and positive reinforcement
  • b. Cut back on relaxation and break times
  • c. Talk with friends and family about your overwhelming schedule

3. A healthy time management schedule includes:

  • a. Time set for responsibilities, hobbies, exercise and relaxation
  • b. Time restricted to responsibilities only—they’re more important
  • c. Zero time restrictions—schedules are stressful!

Work and Finances

4. If your boss or co-workers ask you to take on more tasks than you have time for, do you:

a. Say that you are unable to take it on, sorry!

  • b. Try to finish everything, though it results in a rushed job
  • c. Say yes, every time, because you’re a people pleaser
  • 5. If you are in a financial struggle, do you:

    • a. Create a budget and stick to it
    • b. Try to cut back on a few unnecessary expenses
    • c. Hope that it will all work itself out

    6. If you are having problems with your boss or co-workers, do you:

    • a. Request a meeting, or ask for assistance from a mediator
    • b. Suck it up—that’s life!
    • c. Refuse to speak to them or do anything they ask of you

    Managing Stress

    7. If someone says something to upset you, do you:

    • a. Take a deep breath, and then speak your views assertively
    • b. Spout off with a rebuttal, which you sometimes regret later on
    • c. Say nothing and then dwell on the hurtful words

    8. Relaxation breathing is:

    • a. In through the nose until the stomach distends, and out through the mouth
    • b. Short breaths that extend the chest
    • c. Any type of breathing—it’s holding your breath that causes problems!

    9. When you need to relax, do you:

    • a. Exercise, or use meditation, guided imagery and progressive muscle relaxation
    • b. Try to find a healthy activity, but sometimes settle for food and TV
    • c. Grab a beer and kick back, or spend more time sleeping

    10. When you are under too much stress and someone approaches you for help, do you:

    • a. Calmly explain that you’re unable to help, and then take some time for yourself
    • b. Help them out, but sometimes feel resentful toward them
    • c. Tell them to get a grip and take care of their own problems

    Scoring Key:

    Mostly As shows that you know how to manage stress effectively—keep it up!

    Mostly Bs is average, but you can benefit from stress management tips and techniques. Mostly Cs in the stress management quiz shows that it’s time for you to take advantage of personal development tips and techniques!

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