Take A Stress Test

Take a stress test to evaluate the level of stress in your life. You know whether or not you’re under a lot of stress, of course, but the sources of stress may not be obvious. That’s right; sometimes it’s the positive events in our lives that increase stress!

Have fun!

Read over the following list of life events and write down the numerical value to each if it is something you have experienced in the past year.

(ten points each)

  • I moved to a new area.
  • I got married.
  • My spouse and I separated or divorced.
  • I or my spouse lost a job.
  • My spouse or child passed away.
  • I, my child or spouse was diagnosed with a serious illness.
  • We had or are expecting a child.

(five points each)

  • I was arrested or involved in legal troubles.
  • I bought or sold a house.
  • I took out a loan for a car.
  • I have more than $5,000 in credit card debt.
  • I or my spouse retired.
  • I or my spouse is in addiction recovery.

(one point each)

  • My child moved out or left for college.
  • My parent went to an assisted living center.
  • I received a work promotion.
  • I got engaged.
  • I graduated from college.

Add the numbers together for all of the events you have experienced this year. If you scored between:

1 – 21: Major life events have been few and far between for you this year!

22 – 43: You’ve had your fair share of ups and downs.

44 – 65: It hasn’t been the easiest time for you, and you’re feeling it.

66 – 105: You’re carrying a very heavy load of stress—but you’re doing it!

Read the following questions and record the letter of each answer that best describes you or your situation.

1. My job is:

A. a perfect match to my lifestyle and abilities.

B. just a job. It’s not perfect, but I’m thankful to have it.

C. a nightmare.

2. I and my spouse or significant other:

A. are so in love—everything’s great!

B. have our ups and downs, but it works.

C. ugh, you had to bring that up?

3. I get sick:

A. rarely.

B. when it’s going around.

C. all the time.

4. My idea of stress reduction is:

A. exercise, meditation or a massage

B. watching TV, playing video games or reading a book

C. somewhere at the bottom of this cognac glass

5. I take time out for myself:

A. as needed.

B. on occasion, but not as much as I should.

C. when forced to, or when I explode.

6. I complete work, school and household tasks:

A. as soon as they need to be done.

B. when I get around to them, though I try to do so quickly.

C. at the very last minute, or later

If you answered mostly As, you’re doing quite well! Mostly Bs is average and not too shabby. But if you have mostly Cs, re-examine your life situation, practice stress reduction techniques , and take a stress test again in three months—you may see a big difference!

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