Free Self-Esteem Quiz

Use this free self-esteem quiz for personal development

Take a free self-esteem quiz to see how your self-esteem may benefit or strain areas in your personal and interpersonal life. Use your results for help with choosing activities that suit your personal development needs.

Body Language

Our body language communicates some of our inner feelings to others, but self-esteem can send mixed messages!

When talking with other people, I:

a. Make eye contact when speaking and when the other person speaks.

b. Make eye contact with those I’m comfortable being around.

c. Avoid eye contact.

When I am around or talking with other people, I:

a. Sit or stand comfortably with relaxed shoulders.

b. Fidget sometimes, but am mostly comfortable.

c. Cross my arms and pace, or feel rigid.


The tone and style of communication can indicate levels of self-esteem , though communication may be somewhat based on personality.

My speech is:

a. Moderate in volume, clear and direct.

b. Usually calm and moderate, but varies by the situation.

c. Loud and animated, or very quiet and reserved.

When someone hurts my feelings, I:

a. Tell the person how I feel by using “I statements.”

b. Say something about it, and sometimes do so out of anger or frustration.

c. Pretend it didn’t happen, or try to hurt them in return.

If I need or want help from someone, I:

a. Explain the situation and ask if they can assist me.

b. Usually ask for help, but not always.

c. Demand it from them, or act as if I need no help at all.

When talking to (or about) other people, I:

a. Focus on their positive traits.

b. Focus on good and bad qualities, depending on the situation.

c. Point out their bad qualities.

My relationships with others are:

a. Equal, positive and include frequent communication.

b. Sometimes good, sometimes bad—it’s a toss-up.

c. Rocky, with frequent arguments or little communication.

Internal Dialogue

Your thoughts and perceptions about yourself can become apparent in some situations.

When people compliment me, I:

a. Appreciate it and thank them.

b. Say thanks, but am not always sure if the compliment is genuine.

c. Feel uncomfortable and wonder if they really mean it.

When facing a new or difficult situation, I think:

a. “I can do this!”

b. “Here goes—let’s hope for the best.”

c. “I can’t do this.”

When I look in the mirror or reflect on my inner self, I:

a. Feel good and comfortable, yet seek opportunities for more improvement.

b. See a few areas that need some work.

c. Beat myself up for my faults.


Mostly (A) is an indication that you are on top of your game! Keep up the good work and continue your path toward optimal personal development.

Mostly (B) shows that you’re running on average with most other people—not great, not bad, but getting by and can improve in some areas.

Mostly (C) raises a few red flags, so use this outcome of your free self-esteem quiz as an opportunity for growth! Visit the self-esteem pages here for tips, activities and worksheets to get on your path to a positive self image.

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