Self-Esteem Quiz

A self-esteem quiz is a fun way to examine where you might be having difficulties in your sense of self-worth. It may help to pinpoint areas that need improvement. There are no right or wrong answers. The goal is self-knowledge and an awareness of how you can improve your life by knowing where you are starting from.

Take the quiz below to determine how you really feel about yourself at this point in your life.

Begin self-esteem quiz

1) You just left a job interview. The interviewer was stern-faced and never smiled, and asked you several questions that you had no answer for. When you go home, the following thoughts go through your mind.

a) I’ll probably never get a job again in my whole life.

b) I knew I couldn’t possibly get that particular job. I shouldn’t have applied for it.

c) I didn’t do my best on that interview. I’ll look at how I could have answered the questions differently in order to prepare for my next interview.

2) You just completed a major project for your current employer. You worked very hard on this project and expected your boss to be impressed. Instead he is critical and unappreciative. How do you react?

a) I knew I wasn’t capable of doing a good job. I’ll never succeed again.

b) I couldn’t do any better than I did. Since he doesn’t like it, that means I am a failure.

c) You point out to your boss how hard you worked on it and why you feel you did well. Although you can’t control his reaction, you can control your reaction to his reaction. Your sense of pride in the job you did remains unshaken.

3) You just went on the first blind date you’ve had in years. You were interested in a second date with this person, but they made it clear they did not want to see you again. How do you react?

a) Nobody is ever going to want me again.

b) I don’t know why I thought someone as special as that would be interested in me.

c) His (or her) loss!

4) An acquaintance you barely know compliments you on the way you look. How do you react?

a) Do you need glasses?

b) I don’t think I look that great today, but thanks anyway.

c) Thank you very much.

5) You are working and going to school and are overwhelmed by household chores. Your family is content to sit back and let you take care of everything. What do you do?

a) You take care of everything, getting more and more resentful every day.

b) You scream at everyone about how ungrateful they are, but continue to take care of it all.

c) You assert that your family needs to pitch in and help and delegate chores to family members.


If you answered mostly a’s, your self-esteem couldn’t be much lower. Your self-esteem is caught up in believing others are worth more than you are, and there is work to be done to build it back up. Spend some time reading the information on this site for improving your self-esteem.

If you answered mostly b’s, your self-esteem issues are more focused on the situation at hand. There is still room for improvement. Work on keeping a journal and pay attention to what you could do better each day and in specific situations.

If you answered mostly c’s, you’re definitely on the right track! Your sense of self-respect isn’t dependent on what others think of you, and you have a healthy sense that you are a person of value.

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