Free Self Hypnosis Scripts

The following includes several sites that offer free self hypnosis scripts you can copy or adapt for use in your own self hypnosis sessions. They vary from a plain verbal mantra to an elaborate mix of audio stimulation and visual aids.

There is a plethora of information available about self hypnosis and your own latent power to make significant changes in your life by hypnotic suggestion.

Every person is different, and finding the correct self hypnosis script that will help you attain your own trance state may take some trial and error, but hopefully one of these sources for self hypnosis scripts will have the correct match for you. This UK site has a wide array of audio recordings downloadable in cd or mp3 format, for overcoming everything from fear of flying to improving your golf game. In addition, they offer spiral images and printable scripts that cover topics such as guilt release and preparation for surgery. Oxford Hypnotherapy offers this free online course that includes scripts, audio aids and suggestions for each phase of the self hypnotic process.

A few basics to look for when deciding on a self hypnosis script is the goals you are trying to achieve, the type of relaxation techniques that work best for you, and whether the script ‘speaks’ to you - meaning that you can relate to it and don’t find it cloying or ridiculous, but it actually penetrates your mental barriers and helps you to truly let go.

A few tips - if you memorize the script and say it aloud to induce your hypnosis, you should use the first person “I”. However, if you opt to record your version and play it back for self hypnosis sessions, you will want to use “you” as the recording is actually treated as a surrogate hypnotherapist.

Once you have found the script that works for you, you should have no trouble learning how to quickly enter a trance state and plant suggestions to improve your life. As with all self building exercises, focus on the positive. With successful self hypnosis, you may be one step closer to a happy, healthy life!

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