Self Hypnosis Instruction

Regain control of your thoughts by hypnosis

Self hypnosis instruction may be an avenue you can explore if you have reached a point in your life where you are desperate to regain control of your thoughts and feelings. Many believe that returning your life to a state of peace and restoring mental calm can be possible with such techniques.

The most common form of self hypnosis instruction will direct you to find a quiet place where you can sit or lie and not be disturbed for a time period of 30 minutes to an hour. The temperature is recommended to be comfortable, if possible, and the lighting subdued to reduce outside distractions.

Most self hypnosis sessions will start with some form of relaxation exercise, starting at the toes and working towards the head, mentally naming and consciously relaxing each body part; ankles, calves, thighs, stomach, back, arms, neck, face. Closing the eyes helps to eliminate any lingering environmental distractions, and some even recommend earplugs to block out noise.

A countdown to hypnosis is normally performed at this point, combined with deep breathing to further relax the body and empty the mind. At the end of the count backward, a trigger word can be implemented; the idea is that future self hypnosis can be facilitated by use of the word to quicken the process and encourage receptiveness to suggestion.

Most practitioners of self hypnosis will visualize a place they feel at peace; a garden, beach or womb. They attempt to immerse themselves to the point that they can smell the flowers, hear the waves, feel the warmth and weightlessness. Once this state is reached, the goals should be stated.

A goal of self hypnosis could consist of relief from pain, in which case the words could be “ My back feels better, and will continue to do so (unless my condition worsens - this disclaimer should be used for untreated physical ailments, as pain is a warning system and should not be ignored)”, or “My headache is gone, and I will feel no more pain in my head today”.

Another use is for self confidence building, in which case the hypnotic suggestions will be geared toward “I am strong, confident, beautiful, etc.” Self hypnosis instruction is often used to prepare for stressful events to relieve anxiety. The suggestions for such occasions could include “I will be confident and articulate during my presentation” or “I will successfully demonstrate the proper procedure, and I will feel no nervousness.”

Self hypnosis can be a powerful tool to combat depression as well, but should not replace medication without the approval of the prescribing doctor. Self hypnosis should always be undertaken with the understanding that it is a tool, not necessarily a cure for any medical condition, That being said, many who practice it vouch for its ability to help them achieve a positive frame of mind.

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