Self Help Hypnosis 

Alternative therapy for the mind and body

What is self hypnosis

Self help hypnosis is hypnosis done by you upon yourself. Unlike other means of hypnosis where there is a hypnotist and a subject, here you are the hypnotist and the subject as well.

The Benefits Of Hypnosis

You can benefit from self hypnosis in many ways. It can be used to help quit smoking, lose weight, improve self esteem and self confidence, reduce dependency on drugs if you are prone to anxiety attacks (because hypnosis helps you go into a trance-like state and relax completely), have a non drug induced pregnancy, improve in academics, and reduce backaches, headaches and in sports. It can also be used instead of anesthesia in patients undergoing surgery and by dentists to relieve their patients of pain during treatment.

How to do self hypnosis

Search for a place that is quiet and peaceful and where there will be no disturbances of any sort. Dress in comfortable or loose clothing. It is preferable that you do not lie down or you may fall asleep during the process. Instead, sit on a chair, in a relaxed manner. Before you begin self hypnosis, you must have some goals and affirmations that you will use later on. You may want to tell yourself to quit smoking and so will reinforce to yourself that you are giving up smoking, that for instance, each time you pick up a cigarette it tastes worse and worse.

Breathe deeply and let go all the stress and strain that has collected in your body and mind over time. Relax your body parts completely, one at a time. Now imagine you are in a garden, or in the woods or a beautiful place that makes you feel good and happy. Visualize this in your mind’s eye, and let your body and mind behold this fantasy.

Now that you are well and thoroughly relaxed, repeat to your self the affirmations, in your mind. You can visualize the affirmations or the sound of the words in your mind.

If Hypnosis Does Not Work The First Time

If hypnosis does not work the first time, do not get dismayed or give up, instead, do it again. There will be changes, slow but steady you will see. Also you may want to have some soft music playing in the background when you go through this process. Don’t be put off if you cannot focus or concentrate easily. You can create a recording of your voice and use while hypnotizing yourself.

A Relaxed And Refreshed Person

So take sometime out and try self help hypnosis. It will relax you mentally and physically immensely and you will come out of the hypnosis alert and refreshed and feel like a new person.

Learn about hypnosis (video)

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