High Self Confidence and Success

Faith and Your High Self Confidence

High self confidence is unlimited faith in yourself. It comes from a realistic evaluation of your chances for success followed by meeting or exceeding your own expectations. Success leads to self confidence, and confidence leads to success.

To have self confidence is to believe nothing can stop you as you pursue your goals. Other people’s negative opinions can’t alter your faith in yourself.

If you have high self confidence, you have the following character traits:

• You are eager to learn new things

• You can handle criticism

• When presented with a task to accomplish, you believe you can do it

• You like yourself

Can you have too much self confidence?

If you overestimate your skills, knowledge and abilities, you may be overconfident. A healthy level of confidence leads to success, and success leads to confidence. But if you overestimate what you can do, you are likely to approach a situation unprepared, and that may lead to failure. You take success for granted and end up failing. A good example of this is a student not studying for a test because he thinks it’ll be easy and ending up failing.

If you are overconfident, you may take relationships for granted and don’t give them time and attention. Relationships require effort and participation. If you become overconfident in the strength of the relationship and don’t make any effort, you may be disappointed in the outcome.

Overconfidence is too much of a good thing. Your faith in yourself is so strong that you forget you’re human. You may feel superior to other people. You may think you can’t possibly fail, and then are shocked if you do.

If you meet people that are overconfident, they appear arrogant and condescending. They seem convinced they are better than everyone else. Things aren’t always what they appear, however. A person that appears overconfident and frequently brags may be putting on a mask to hide low self confidence.

More people have problems with self-doubt than with overconfidence. Let’s talk about attaining high self confidence.

Attaining high self confidence

If you are like most people, when it comes to your confidence level, there is room for improvement. Here are some suggestions for attaining high self confidence:

Keep a journal. Keep track of what you are doing, why you are doing it and what the results are. All self-improvement starts with self-awareness. Keeping a daily journal allows you to look back a day later or a week later with a certain degree of impartiality and evaluate what really happened, what could have been done differently, etc. Over a period of time, you will clearly be able to see your own progress. Since improvement is often gradual and may be imperceptible day by day, this is an essential step toward awareness.

Focus on your strengths. Each day in your journal, write down what your strengths are. Give yourself a pat on the back for the things you did right each day, particularly if you are working on a particular area and begin to notice improvement. Pay attention to what makes you unique. What qualities would you use to describe yourself? Strengths and weaknesses are closely related, and very often you have both the positive and negative side of the same characteristic. For example, if you are a very sensitive person, the positive side of that is that you are careful not to hurt other people’s feelings. You offer empathy and support, and recognize other people’s needs even when they’re not expressed. On the flip side, as a sensitive person, you possess the negative side of that too. Your feelings are hurt easily, and you cower around people who are blunt. Awareness that all characteristics that have two sides empowers you to always flip the coin to the side of strength. In this example, use your sensitive nature to offer support to other people, and stay focused on the positive side of that quality.

Remember past successes. Throughout your life, you have had many successes. Maybe in high school you were voted most valuable player of the baseball team. Maybe you succeeded in losing twenty pounds. Maybe you mastered a musical instrument, or taught yourself to cook. The point is you have experienced success many times in your life. You can and will experience it again.

Learn new things. Every time you challenge yourself to try something new, your self confidence level will get a boost. Try something you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t up to now. Maybe you’ve always wanted to ride a hot air balloon. Maybe you’ve wanted to learn to play the guitar. Life is too short not to participate fully and embrace every opportunity to learn something new. Whatever the outcome, give yourself credit for the effort.

Accept and love yourself. You are a unique and special person and you deserve acceptance and love, no matter how many mistakes you have made. There is no one in the world exactly like you. Your job in life is to become the best individual that you can be, not to become more like others. Offer yourself acceptance and love daily in spite of your imperfections.

Let go of your mistakes. Many people who lack self confidence dwell on mistakes they have made and things that they wish they had done differently. The thing to remember is that everyone makes mistakes and that there is no chance of success without experiencing some failures and mistakes. Mistakes should be treated as lessons, nothing more and nothing less. Learn the lesson, then let them go.

Seek out positive people. A quest for high self confidence will be much smoother if you are surrounded by people who offer encouragement, not discouragement. Make it a point to look for people who help you to better about yourself.

Faith in yourself

Your faith in yourself can steadily improve by developing new habits such as these. High self confidence is not something that you are born with. It is something you can learn as long as you commit to the journey. You are worth believing in. Become your own best friend.

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