Self Confidence Exercises

Like physical exercise, self confidence exercises are a way of building strength. Instead of focusing on physical strength, these exercises build character and self-respect.

For these self confidence exercises, you will need a special journal. The first exercise is at the end of each day write down any event in which you receive positive feedback. If you get a well-deserved compliment from your boss, write it down. If your family expresses appreciation for something you’ve done, such as prepare a special meal or take the family on a picnic, add that to your journal as well. If your child tells you that you’re the best mom or dad in the world, record that in your journal.

You can also include in your journal memories of past events that you handled well. It is human nature to remember our failures. If you dwell on the things you have done wrong in your life, your self-confidence will decrease. Instead, remind yourself often of all the things you have done right in your life, both large and small.

Another exercise is to challenge yourself to take a risk to confront a situation you’ve been avoiding. For example, if you have been avoiding social situations because you tend to be awkward and shy, challenge yourself to attend one event and meet one person. Or if you’ve been avoiding trying to change jobs because you don’t handle interviews well, make the effort to schedule one interview. Be sure to include your own observations of your progress. If you deal with a stressful event in a positive or successful way, write it down.

There is no room for negativity in this journal. The purpose of these self-confidence exercises is to get in the habit of expressing praise toward yourself. Each day, the goal is to record at least one thing you did right.

If you don’t have a particular event to write down, fill in the blanks of the following types of sentences:

• The thing I do best is…

• Something I have accomplished is…

• One of my best character traits is…

• I am proud of myself for…

• I am working to improve…

Give yourself a small amount of time for meditation and reflection. In this quiet time, picture yourself succeeding at the type of activity that causes you self-doubt. Picture yourself as a successful public speaker, for example, or handling yourself at ease in a social setting.

Self-confidence exercises can also include affirmations. Make positive statements to yourself first thing in the morning, before the concerns of the day have set in. Several times a day, continue to repeat statements such as the following:

• I am confident in my ability to handle whatever will come up today

• I am improving every day

• I deserve to be happy and successful

These self-confidence exercises are small ways you can begin to work on your sense of self-worth each and every day. You will be surprised at how quickly this will make a difference in your life.

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