Self Confidence Tips

Self confidence tips will help you to start your journey toward happiness in your life. The more confident you are the more prosperous the future you see. Use these recommendations frequently to build your self-esteem and confidence.

1. Stand tall as you were already confident.

2. Eye contact. Look at the eyes of the person who you are talking to. It will give them a signal that you are interested in their personality and opinion.

3. Firm handshake. But gentle intention. Don’t try to be stronger than Popeye. Firm handshake and eye contact together will represent your honest, open-minded attitude.

4. Create a plan. Set goals and stick to them.

5. Preparation. It is more important than the process itself. Use as much time as you need to be prepared for every possible outcome and always keep the end in mind.

6. Get started. Action creates solution. If you just think about doing something, but actually don’t do that it will not create results. Be active and follow through your plan.

7. Like yourself. Accept and like who you are. Respect yourself and others.

8. Challenge your beliefs. If they don’t support your development change them consciously.

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Make it a habit

To employ these self confidence tips more effectively make a habit of practicing some of them daily. Start your day with positive affirmations, follow through your daily plan and try to finish what you started. Pay attention on your posture, handshake and eye contact. Go outside, take a deep breathe when you feel tired or frustrated. When a negative feeling comes interrupt the process by doing something else (e.g. go to the other room, think of a pleasant memory, your child, beautiful scenery, do some push-ups, sit-ups). Anything works which will take away the feeling of depression or any other negative pattern.

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