Positive Self Affirmations

Great daily affirmations

Positive self affirmations really work! Affirmations can help you change negative thoughts with the more beneficial positive ones that can improve your life.

Without realizing it many of us tell ourselves negative things constantly. This negative self talk causes us to spiral deeper into self loathing, depression and low self-esteem. By using the power of positive affirmations and repeating them daily you can recondition your thoughts and change how you think and feel about any situation.

Being positive can help you to become more successful with coping and social skills, and your self-esteem will increase as you become steeped in a positive atmosphere of your own making.

Positive self affirmations begin with the word ‘I’. They are personal, direct and supremely confident. In time this confidence penetrates the shell of self distrust and fear that often surrounds us, and leads us to a place of emotional development and self-esteem on a much higher plane.

Good Positive Self Affirmations

• I have the power to change myself

• I have the power to control myself

• I can forgive others

• I can forgive myself

• I can make my own choices and decisions

• I can choose to live as I wish and be selfish sometimes

• I can choose happiness whenever I wish no matter what is happening around me

• I am flexible

• I am confident

• I will do my best and it will be enough

• I will be free from fear

• I deserve to be happy

• I deserve to be successful

• I deserve to be loved

greatest positive daily affirmation for everyone

"Everything you need to be amazing is already inside you!"

You cannot stop your negative thoughts all the time - sometimes the negative side of a situation will automatically be distressing and you will react accordingly. The trick is to not let negative thoughts or feelings linger. Momentary fear, anger, unhappiness etc is acceptable - negative self talk is not.

Putting ourselves down or blaming ourselves for everything that goes wrong convinces us that the negative view is appropriate, when it most definitely is not. In fact, negativity serves no purpose other than confirming fears and preventing bravery, courageous risk taking and a healthy self-esteem. It bars us, in fact, from success itself.

In order to regain our lives and a positive outlook, we can make a habit of using positive self affirmations in our daily lives. Make sticky notes and put them where you will see them - By the bathroom mirror (I am beautiful, strong and smart); by the front door (I will have a good day at work) and at your desk (I can finish all of my work and still have time to take a long lunch!).

Once you begin using positive self affirmations to kick start your self-esteem, you will find yourself doing it automatically - which will probably make you smile (in and of itself a positive thing!). Don’t give up, keep on walking - and you will find that the road of positive affirmation leads to the happy land of self actualization and belief in yourself.

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