Free Self Confidence Exercises

Overcoming fear, fear of rejection and goal setting

Free self confidence exercises are those that encourage you to push your own limits in everyday life — one small step at a time — to help you realize your full potential. The obvious benefit of these exercises is that you will build confidence in your ability to accept and manage different situations in life, but this is only one of the achievements you will earn from your efforts.

Free self confidence exercises

Overcoming Fear

A lack of confidence is synonymous with fear, be it fear of failure, fear of rejection or fear of harming yourself or others. Some of these fears are founded in good reason, but many of them stop us from doing or trying the activities that promote personal development and mental health. The only way to overcome fear is to face it, but a little bit of pre-planning can ease the process for you.

First, imagine the worst-case scenario that could result from your actions.

For example, if you fear snakes, what is the worst that can happen if you come into contact with one? A few snake species could kill you, yes; others may bite you from their own fear; some are harmless.

Educate yourself about whatever it is you fear.

By learning about your fear, be it a snake or job interview, you gain confidence by knowing what to expect. From there you can prepare yourself to face the fear. Preparations can include safeguards against the worst-case scenario, such as gathering first aid and survival kits for a mountain hike, or practicing the skills you will need for the scenario.

Use role play with a friend to practice your lines and actions for the scenario you fear.

For instance, a friend can play the part of someone you want to ask out for a date. Role play can involve all possible outcomes, from the best- or worst-case scenario, to help you prepare for anything. Focus on the positive after you’ve role played, because you want to encourage yourself and hope for the best.

This will slowly introduce the feared object or scenario. It’s good to work your way up to the fear and to practice stress reduction techniques during the process. View a snake from afar and practice deep breathing; get a little closer the next time around. Consult a therapist for cognitive-behavioral therapy if you feel overwhelmed by this process.

Goal Setting

Your long-term goal is to increase confidence or overcome a fear ( like fear of public speaking ), but you can push this process along by setting goals for other areas of your life. Create a goal plan for an area you struggle with, such as time management. To do this, list short-term goals and reward yourself for achieving them. For example, a short-term goal for time management is to create a calendar of scheduled tasks by the end of the week. When you accomplish this goal, reward yourself with something you enjoy, and move on to the next goal.

Step-by-step accomplishments are the free self confidence exercises you can use in everyday life to feel better about yourself and to achieve new goals.

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