Self-esteem assessment

Self-esteem assessment is a way to evaluate how you really feel about yourself at this point in your life.

You can be your own best friend – or your own worst enemy. Take time to take a self-esteem assessment and figure out what areas you need to work on.

self-esteem assessmentself-esteem assessment

"Do what is right, not what is easy."

Some signs of low self-esteem are:

• Not believing you deserve to be loved

• Not having faith in your own decisions

• Judging yourself too harshly

• Not being able to measure up to your own standards

• Needing others to tell you that you are loved or that you are doing ok

Low self-esteem
can be crippling and can stop you from getting what you really want out of life. If you have grown up with a lot of criticism, you may have a hard time believing that you’re doing ok now. As an adult, you have a responsibility to teach yourself new ways of seeing yourself.

Motivational speaker Les Brown had his life turned around when a teacher made the following statement to him:

Never let someone else’s opinion become your reality.

Your opinion of yourself is extremely important, and how successful you will be in life depends on giving yourself credit for everything you do right, including making the effort to try new things.

For a quick self-esteem assessment, answer True or False to the following statements:

1. I am satisfied with my achievements in work, school, at home and in the community.

2. I don’t experience feelings of insecurity or anxiety when meeting new people.

3. I know who I am and stand by my beliefs.

4. I am able to make a list of positive qualities or achievements.

5. I have faith in my ability to meet my goals.

6. I am able to get close to other people.

7. I am not threatened by success in other people.

8. I don’t have trouble making decisions.

9. I deserve to be happy and to be loved.

10. I am not ashamed of my mistakes. I have learned that failing is part of the process leading to eventual success.

11. I am not crippled by criticism.

If you answer false to more than three of these statements, it is important that you begin working on improving your self-esteem. You deserve to be happy, you deserve love. Getting in touch with your deepest feelings will allow you to work toward achieving happiness in your life.

By evaluating what questions you answered “false”, you can recognize what areas need work. Try starting a journal and writing about the areas that you are going to work to improve. Record your progress and reward your successes, however small.

A self-esteem assessment allows you to know where you are so you can begin the journey to where you want to be.

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