Obesity And Self-Esteem - Positivity, Come Be My Friend!

Obesity and self-esteem often go hand in hand. Our world today puts a premium on being thin. In most societies it is a crime not to be beautiful and so in turn being over weight is a crime. In fact for most ignorant people of our world thin is in and the skinnier you are the better your personality is.

How wrong can you get

Over weight people are termed as lazy, self indulgent and lacking in self discipline. Young women are taught at an early age that exterior beauty is more important than anything else in their lives. Meanwhile thousands of women will die this year of bulimia and anorexia nervosa. What the media hype and the movies have done to affect the mentality of women and make them want to be thin added to that. A horde of body treatments that promise you unbelievable answers to weight problems is quite sad.

For heaven’s sake, being obese does not make you less beautiful or attractive. Often you’ve heard people say, “But I don’t like being fat” or “no one likes being fat”, not just that, obese people will turn their heads away when they meet other obese people.

You can be obese and still be beautiful

You can be obese and still be the most beautiful person in the world! Why compare yourself with others? “No one in the entire world can do a better job of being you than you.” (Proverb) You are unique and you have your special gifts. Being obese does not take those away.

Associate with people who spread positive vibes

It is worthwhile to remember that to keep the self esteem piping hot and glowing healthy, associate with people who have a positive perception about you. Those that drain you of your energies and talk negative to you and about you all the time, especially reinforcing that you are fat and fat is ugly, and that if you are fat you cannot be beautiful at the same time, such persons are toxic and do not mean well. These people only create negative vibes where ever they go.

Obesity and self-esteem - The vicious circle

Another point to remember is that obesity and self-esteem can become a vicious circle, where obesity creates low self esteem and visa versa. When you have low self esteem you eat to make up for it and so you add on weight, this deals a further blow to your already low self-esteem and it takes on the form of a vicious circle.

Is your value system right?

To break this circle, you must make sure your value system is in the right place. Do you value your spouse only because he is financially wealthy? Has he lost interest in you because you are no longer the thin person you used to be? Remember your integrity and love for a person comes through when you stay with them through thick and thin, through the happiness and the sadness. Will you stop loving your spouse if he suddenly had a downfall in his career? Yes, I ask you this again. And also remember, to love yourself first and foremost because only then can you love others!

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