Self-esteem issues in women

Self-Esteem issues in women are factors that often block their otherwise tremendous potential. Women are capable of doing amazing things. They only need to tap their inner powers and potential. This potential is there in each and every woman, whatever race, culture or community she may belong to.

Feeling good about yourself

self-esteem issues in womenself-esteem issues in women

"The happiest people don't have the best of everything, they just make the best of everything. - Zig Ziglar"

You as a woman have an inherent inner beauty within you, a warm and loving nature that is naturally nurturing, caring and giving. The love that you can give is boundless and you can do wonderful things with this love. Laurie Beth Jones of The Path says “If you are parenting, teaching or healing others consider your mission amongst the most important in the world.”

All you need is to take a look at Florence Nightingale or Mother Teresa or Oprah Winfrey and you will know how women are able to cut across all boundaries and borders in loving, sharing and giving.

Sometimes women are their own worst enemies

Even though women have traditionally been home makers and now they are going all out to do all the things that they never did before, like working in offices, getting top positions in companies, getting ahead in the fields that once belonged only to men, they can say they have arrived; but have they really?

Sometimes, they feel so superficial within themselves. Is this what they really want, then why the emptiness within? Why the feelings of incapability, feelings of not being loved, anger, jealousy and fear? So self-esteem counts here.

Self-Esteem issues in Women play a major role in their life to feel good about themselves. Why do they endorse thin, skinny models, lay a huge emphasis on exterior beauty to their children even their own girl child become anorexic and bulimic, and believe that being fair of skin is a sign of great beauty?

They welcome other people’s judgment at the drop of a hat and are completely devoid of their own personal beliefs. This is sheer hogwash. They have to learn to get over these lame insecurities. They have to bury the dirt and come out smelling roses. Life is beautiful, when you know how to enjoy it, without negative emotions caused by low self-esteem.

The Healing Begins With You

Remember, the healing begins with you. First learn to love yourself and only then can you love others. Your mind will be enriched and empowered to take your life into your own hands.

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