Abused women and self-esteem

There is a strong relation between abused women and self-esteem. The longer you wait to take the necessary steps to end your verbal, physical, sexual or emotional abuse, the more damage is done to your body, self-esteem and self-respect.

Many women have reported that verbal abuse feels even more damaging than physical, because it hurts their soul. Verbal abuse effects on a deeper, emotional level and feeling worthless and not knowing what to do or how to get out of the situation could be very challenging and frustrating sometime.

abused women and self-esteemAbused women and sel-esteem

"You have to fight through the bad days in order to earn the best days."

Verbal, physical and sexual abuse

1. VERBAL ABUSE is usually hurtful, manipulative and controlling. Many times it starts as an innocent joke, but constant repetition can diminish the partner’s self-esteem and self-respect. Over time - when abuse in most cases intensifies - can attack the women’s ability to trust herself, to accept herself, to believe in herself and sooner or later she begins to believe that something is wrong with her.

2. PHYSICAL ABUSE is the abuse to cause physical pain and suffering to others. It includes biting, pinching, pushing, punching, throwing certain objects toward the other, bodily harm, torture etc.

3. SEXUAL ABUSE is a forced participation in any sexual activities.

4. OTHER abuse includes financial abuse when the partner does not allow you to use the family’s money, abuse towards the property or pets or when your partner trying to prohibit you to leave the house, room, bed etc.

Warning signs

Let’s see some of the warning signs;

1. When he blames you for his or other’s mistake.

2. Yelling and screaming with you.

3. Threatening with violence.

4. Jealousy.

5. Calling you constantly, because he wants to know where you are all the time.

6. He wants to possess you.

7. Provocative behavior.

8. Extramarital affair.

9. Constant criticism.

10. Fluctuating mood.

11. Aggressive tone of voice.

There could be many other warning signs.

Abused women and self-esteem

What can abused women do?

• Talk to someone who you trust. You can talk to a family member, friend or your doctor about it.

• Report it to the police.

• Get some medical help if it’s necessary.

• Leave your spouse or partner.

The connection between abused women and self-esteem is a serious issue. Do not procrastinate on changing your environment or your situation, because it gets worse. Seek professional advice if it's necessary.

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