What Is The Sedona Method ?

The secret behind the sedona method

The main theme of the inspirational movie “The Secret”, the Sedona Method is a powerful way to improve your life through the power of positive thinking.

What several teleseminar speakers referred to as the ‘wish fairy’ reminds me of the concept behind Harold Hill’s teaching method in the comedy “The Music Man“ - it’s the ‘Think System’ with a twist!

Sedona Method was developed by Lester Levenson in the early 70’s after the engineer/physicist/businessman suffered a near fatal heart attack. He attributed his regained health and renewed positive life approach on a deepened self inquiry of his beliefs and emotions.

Hale Dwoskin worked with Levenson from 1976 until Lester’s death in 1994, and is now the President of Sedona Training Associates and considered to be a co-founder of the Sedona Method.

The basis behind the Sedona method is simple - what you spend your time thinking about, consciously as well as subconsciously, attracts those things into your life. The trick is to learn to steer the subconscious part of our thought process in the right direction.

It is not enough to focus only your conscious thoughts on your goal - these only account for less than 5% of all that is going through our mind below the conscious level. The remaining 95+% will win out if the two sectors are not in accord.

This method teaches you to harness your subconscious and make it work in tandem with your conscious agenda. This is achieved by letting go of the often buried negativity many people carry at their core, and replacing it with the positive thoughts and feelings that can help the Law of Attraction yield results.

“If you think it, it will come” is taking the nation by storm. Sedona Method has been featured on Oprah and Larry King Live, and countless seminars are held across the country yearly to help ordinary people live extraordinary lives! A main part of each seminar focuses on learning how to release - to let go of negative feelings for good and free yourself to experience joy and success.

The ability to choose to let go is reinforced in each session, as this is key to the entire theory. To establish healthy thought patterns and reduce negative feelings, participants are encouraged to use introspection to pinpoint the limits they have self imposed by yielding to self doubt and inner fears.

Ultimately, as the subconscious is emptied of negativity an inner peace will descend, and the person will achieve an inner peace which has been compared to the ‘zen’ of Eastern religions.

The method is recommended by people across the globe as a helpful tool to strengthen one’s identity and sharpen focus to ultimately achieve an enriched, productive and rewarding way of life!

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