The Healing Power of Mind

What makes the difference?

Your control and your energy

Taking charge of your life requires harnessing the healing power of mind. For many people, this is a huge untapped resource. Whether you need healing mentally or physically, mind power can move mountains for you. The strength and power you are searching for may very well be right between your ears.

The journey begins with speaking to the subconscious. Channel the energy and focus that you already have within. There are many things in life you can’t control. One thing you can control is what you choose to put into your mind, and what you choose to do with your brain, your most powerful organ.

Poor physical health often results from a lifetime of bad habits. Poor food choices, unhealthy preparation of food, lack of exercise and laziness are just a few bad habits that can lead to health problems. At any time you can choose to change these habits, but only after you take charge of your mind and give direction to your thoughts.

To tap into the healing power of mind means learning to practice visualization, because the subconscious mind focuses on and responds to images. Visualization is really a form of self-hypnosis. Begin by quieting your mind, and remember that the thoughts you are having have all been put in your mind by you. That means it is up to you to replace unhealthy, damaging thoughts.

Fill your mind and subconscious with positive pictures, pictures of health and abundance. Breathe rhythmically and focus. This often quiets the mind and may result in relaxation and healing. The mind is filled with images that you have put there. They may be images of loss and disappointment, sickness or fatigue, or they can be images of health, wellness and winning. The important thing to remember is that every thought that has reached your consciousness has come about because you have allowed it. If you want to change your life, begin with changing your thoughts.

The healing power of mind begins with respecting just how powerful the mind really is. You become what you think. Therefore if you are dwelling on bad times and loss, you are becoming a habitual loser. If you are dwelling on aches and pains, you are becoming sicker every day. Your mind has to be directed, like a naughty child, away from what you don’t want it to manifest.

Every thought and word that you think or say is a declaration of your reality. Your subconscious mind is paying attention, even when you aren’t. Many people have risen above extreme pain and illness just by taking charge of their mind. People are sometimes told there is no chance they will ever walk again, and they do. Others are told they can’t win an athletic competition so why bother competing – and they win. Many are told they have a terminal illness – and they recover. Coming out on top and defeating the odds begins with deciding that’s what you are going to do. It has everything to do with being in charge of your own mind.

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