Goal setting games

Individual or group goal setting games

Using goal setting games to help learn how to set and reach goals makes the process fun and creates self-esteem as each goal is met. Individuals and teams can both be cheered on as goals are set and achieved, and the atmosphere of victory will left everyone’s spirits!

Simple games such as ring toss, horseshoes, etc can be used as goal setting games.

Simply draw a series of lines on the ground and label them according to level of difficulty (how far away from the stake they are). Let each individual choose where they want to start. Many will opt to start from the first or second line, graduating to further away lines as they repeatedly hit the mark.

Others will tackle the higher degree of difficulty first, but if they fail they can always try again from a little closer until they achieve the confidence needed to move back out.

Goal setting games for yourself

For yourself, make a game out of meeting small goals you set yourself each day, with fun, silly rewards each time you achieve something. Need to eliminate that one certain word from your vocabulary before your three year old starts saying it too? Pick a non-offensive word to replace it with, and reward yourself each time you make a successful substitution.

For example, instead of the bad word, holler "Ladybug!"- then reward yourself with one (just ONE!) M&M candy. You’ll find yourself laughing your bad mood away instead of cussing, and get an instant reward for good behavior. Likewise, every time you say the bad word, you can charge yourself a quarter to be put in a jar. (Use the quarters to buy more M&Ms… but no cheating!)

Goal setting games for 2 or more people

Another game involves two people, you and a helper. Warning - don’t try this if you worry too much about what other people think! This game is designed to teach you to strive to reach your goal at all times, and to let nothing stand in your way.

Set a goal for a specific number of times to perform a certain action in a day. This can be twenty sets of five jumping jacks each, or singing the alphabet song twenty times, or whatever you can think of that is silly and fun - and that you might be just a tiny bit embarrassed to do just anywhere! The trick is that at least thirty minutes have to pass between each performance of the action.

Your helper’s job is to remind you of your goal, in person or via phone, every half hour to an hour all day long (they can set an alarm on their cell phone or watch to remind them to remind you.) They will get a kick out of reminding you of your goal in the break room at work, while you are in the grocery store parking lot, or at the dinner table in mid chew!

What can you learn from it?

If you commit to instantly stopping what you are doing and carrying out the action (despite people looking at you like you are crazy), you will meet your goal and learn two important things about yourself - you can reach your goals no matter how ridiculous or impossible they seem, and you can do it in spite of people who think you can’t or who make fun of you for trying.

Keep on playing goal setting games - it isn’t what the goals are that matter so much as learning to achieve them!

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