Goal Setting Activities

How to learn from these goal setting activities

Goal setting activities help you learn how to set and achieve goals on a basic level. When you start setting goals, you may fall into the trap of setting ones that are too high or to low - resulting in failure and setbacks on one hand or a lack of intensity, drive and real achievement on the other. Goals should be reachable, but at the same time require you to actively pursue them!

Useful goal setting activities

One of the easiest activities involves passing out paper and crayons, and drawing a picture of your life in ten years.

All of your hopes and dreams have come true, and you have achieved your long term goals. These could include a house, a job, children, a pet, a boat; put yourself in the picture too and make the expression on your face one of happiness and contentment.

These pictures can be hung in prominent places in your house where you will see them every day. This is a powerful activity for goal setting that can subconsciously boost self confidence and eventually make the dreams into realities. Writing down your goals in a daily journal is another activity that can increase the likelihood of your goals being met.

Another goal setting activity that is common among groups is saving money. This can be simple as well - just ask each member of the group to pick something to give up such as a morning coffee (they can make their own) or lunch at the deli (again, brown bag it to work.)

Each member can set a goal of a certain amount of money this will allow them to save in a week, and as long as they follow through, they should achieve it with no trouble. Then they can use the money they saved to help pay down a credit card or some other purpose; or all the members can pool their funds for a charitable cause. Encourage them to look for other ways during the week to save - extra pats on the back for exceeding their goal!

Another goal that can be done in a group for support or by yourself for privacy, is weight loss. Set a small goal - like 2 pounds per week - and invest in a scale that measures accurately (digital is best). This goal can be attempted in conjunction with dietary goals - you can make a chart and help ensure you are drinking your eight glasses of water per day, or getting those veggies you need! Watch the number on your scale drop and the marks on your chart add up as you learn to live healthier.

One more simple goal setting activity that can help your self-esteem as well requires you to keep a journal. Set small personal goals each night for accomplishment the next day - a random act of kindness, a fifteen minute meditation session or a chore you have been putting off for weeks. Just one small goal met can make a day worthwhile!

Enjoy these activities and don't forget to smile

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