How to Set Goals

I'll show you how to set goals.

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Learning how to set goals is something that has to be learned. It’s is easy enough to say “I want to ----------” - but following through can be difficult if you have not structured your goal in order for you to have a decent chance of winning!

So how do you set realistic goals that give you the best possible chances for success and personal growth? You must keep two things in mind - the more challenging the goal is, the more motivated you will actually be to accomplish it; and consistency is the best tool you have to setting and achieving your goals.

Learning how to set goals

The first step to life changing goal setting is to have powerful reasons for your goals. If you truly believe that accomplishing your goal will improve your life, you will be motivated to make it happen.

If you are excited about changing your life, any goal is easier to accomplish. If you set a pattern of goal setting and accomplishment in your life, you can rise to heights you never dreamed of!

Once you have stated your reason for setting a goal, write down your goal so you can look at it. Writing and remembering are linked together - when you actually form the words on paper using your hand, then read them with your eyes, your brain records them on several levels and they become part of your consciousness.

Set your goals : Visualize them

Now you can visualize your goal. Picture yourself healthy, financially stable, happy. What are you doing? What are people around you saying? How do you feel?

You can make your vision a reality. This step helps you to believe in the possible future and prepare yourself to live that life, making success much more likely.

Verbalization is next. Positive self affirmation is one of the most powerful tools we have to raise our self confidence and help us believe in our own self worth and ability.

You know how negative self talk talk can bring you down and make you feel small. Build up your self-esteem with positive affirmation and state your claim to the future you deserve.

How to set goals - Game plan

Now you are ready to start laying out a game plan. Set your goals with a clearly defined objective, and break each goal down into smaller goals so you can feel the sense of accomplishment at each step of the journey.

Your goal should be solid with a definite deadline - your plans should be flexible as situations can change as you move forward and you want to be ready to grasp any opportunity that presents itself to get closer to your goal.

Chart your progress with a calendar, a notebook, a graph or a journal. Mark down each victory, each milestone reached and each battle won - and don’t forget to always be on the lookout for ways to improve. Your log of your journey will help you when planning future adventures in goal setting!

Support systems increase the chances of your success exponentially! Family and friends can help encourage you when you tired, and perhaps they will even be inspired to set some goals of their own and travel alongside you.

Don’t overload in the beginning! Pick one or two goals at a time to focus on, or you will stretch so thin you won’t be able to achieve them all. However, after the first success you will find that you can reach each subsequent goal even faster than before, and multiple goals will become more of a possibility.

Do something every day. Even if it is only five minutes of studying, or turning down one dessert, don’t let any day be a total waste, no matter what happens. You need to be able to win each day, no matter how small the victory is.

Reward yourself. A task done well deserves recognition. Take yourself out to dinner; buy yourself that present you wanted - maybe just take the day off and laze in a hot tub. When you reward yourself for reaching your goal, you add motivation for reaching the next one - and the one after that!

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