Creative Goal Setting Worksheets

The importance of goal setting worksheets

Intelligent goal setting is an important part of any successful self-esteem recovery. Goal setting worksheets can help you define your goals and track your progress.

The best goals are ones that are completely reachable, but make you work to achieve them. Achievable goals are ones that have a clear and specific aim, a game plan, and a set deadline for completion. Self-esteem building goals are ones that when reached, provide a solid foundation for the next set of goals and the next.

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Determining your goals for life

How do you determine goals for your life, and how do you make sure they are the right ones? Ask yourself what you want to achieve, and write it down at the top of a sheet of paper. Then divide the rest of the page into three columns:

1. A specific description of the goal with a realistic deadline.

2. Reasons why you want to achieve the goal.

3. Obstacles that might make it hard.

For example, your goal might be to lose weight. In this case, a specific description and deadline might be to lose fifteen pounds in six months. In the ‘reasons why’ column you should put any number of things - to feel better physically, to look better to yourself, to improve your health overall, to relieve back and knee pain, or to decrease the chance of complicating other conditions, such as diabetes or thyroid deficiency.

If your reasons are more like ‘I want to look like a model’ or ‘I want to be a size 2’ you may want to look again to make sure this is really a smart goal (one that will truly benefit your life) or a reaction to some unrealistic standard you feel compelled to live up to.

If you are already only a size 4, you could in reality not have a weight problem at all - simply a poor self image. In that case, a better goal might be to learn to appreciate your body and your health instead of obsessing about a few stray pounds!

If your reasons are sound, move on to obstacles. This is not to discourage you, but to help figure out a way to break the goal into manageable steps and avoid getting bogged down.

Obstacles to losing weight could include having a hard time keeping to a strict diet, or not having time to exercise. Coming up with a plan to ease your way into a solid routine - make each step something you can succeed at and the next step will be that much easier.

Breaking down your goals

Make a schedule or mark your calendar for milestones that break down your goal into manageable sections. If you feel that you must diet but will have a hard time giving up certain things, choose just one to concentrate on for two weeks.

At the end of that time, choose another thing to give up, and a week later add another. Make sure you add something to take the place of what you are giving up - replace soda with flavored fizzy water or unsweetened juice, and stock carrot sticks and low-fat dip to get you through your potato chip cravings.

Do you see how goal setting can be easier when you plan ahead? Anyone can eat a whale if they cut the bites small enough. By following the steps above, you will create a worksheet that will help you define any goal you set, make a plan to achieve it, and track your progress day by day.

Goal setting worksheet

What do you want to achieve? Name your goal below:

Describe your goal, being as specific as possible:

Set a deadline for the completion of your goal:

Tell why you want to achieve this goal:

List the obstacles in your way, and how you plan to overcome them:

Recognize three qualities you have which will help you reach your goal:




This homemade goal setting worksheet will help you plan and follow through on achieving your goal. Also see the SMART goal setting page for more tips on how to set and achieve goals!

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