Use the following Goal Setting Lesson Plans to Turn Your Dreams into Reality

Goal setting lesson plans for any age and gender

Goal setting lesson plans can help teachers and individuals alike lay out a course of action for setting and meeting goals. A well thought out lesson plan will cover all the points to ensure the goal is a SMART one , and involve provoking thought about the reasons for the goal and its long term benefits.

Sample lesson plans can be drawn up to appeal to adolescents, teens, women or men, and targeted to help increase self confidence, self-esteem or organizational qualities.

Participants should:

A) Realize setting goals and committing to them can benefit them both short and long term.

B) Be ready and willing to risk failure in order to attempt reaching higher goals.

C) Use failures and mistakes as learning opportunities; not get discouraged when faced with momentary setbacks.

Once this stage is reached, a lesson plan can be prepared and techniques learned to enhance goal setting.

A goal setting lesson plan should have several characteristics. It needs to clearly define the goal, and differentiate goals from ‘wishes’ - some wishes can be goals, but not all, for example wishing your favorite pet could live forever is a wish, NOT a goal, but a wish to learn a new skill can also be a goal.

Next the steps that must be taken to achieve the goal should be outlined. At this stage a goal may be broken down into several ‘mini’ goals, to increase instant success and provide the ‘winning’ feeling that boosts each person towards more intense efforts to reach the final objective.

Possible obstacles must also be recognized and addressed; plans can be laid to combat these blocks and ultimately achieve the goal. Finally, a firm deadline should be set in place for completion of each goal and milestone on the way to the goal. This will create the time line for the goal’s achievement.

Remember, in order for something to qualify as a goal, It should be personally important to the individual, within their power to accomplish, clearly defined and a course of action laid out for achieving it. A good lesson plan for goal setting will include worksheets that ask each participant to fill in a box with their answers or comments according to the following: SMART goals are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Timely.

Specific. This is a Goal Statement, and should be a short paragraph of one or two sentences describing the goal.

Measurable. This is a description of how to measure the goal; how can you tell when the goal is accomplished?

Achievable. This portion of the work sheet should go over what actions may be required to reach the goal, what obstacles may arise, and how such blocks can be handled and overcome.

Relevant. Why is this the goal? How is this important to you, and what benefits will come to you by reaching this goal? ("R" can also stand for Realistic).

Timely. This is the section where you lay out your time line - there should be a definite start and end date and any milestones should have clearly defined parameters.

By following these methods when creating lesson plans, you will provide the best possible framework for setting and reaching goals.

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