Self-Esteem Building Exercises

Activities to build a stronger You

Self-esteem building exercises start with learning to care for yourself; physically, mentally and emotionally. I know, the advice “Love yourself” sounds like such a cliché, but studies have proven that people who feel good about themselves are happier, healthier and have better self-esteem.

The first step you can take towards building your self-esteem is to take care of your body. Eat healthy foods that give you energy and make you strong. Exercise every day, if only for twenty minutes. Take your time with personal hygiene; stay an extra minute in the shower to enjoy the hot water relaxing your muscles, and set aside time for nail and tooth care.

Next work on your mental health. Learn one new thing each day. This can be as simple as opening the dictionary and pointing to a word at random. Sign up for a community class or craft workshop, and stretch your mind. Find things that make use of particular talents or skills you possess, and use your abilities.

Finally, take care of your emotional needs. Spend time with people who make you feel good about yourself. Plan to do something good for yourself every day. This can be taking the time for a pleasant walk at sunset, reading a chapter of a new book, or even calling a far away friend for a chat!

Some simple self-esteem building exercises work by setting goals and achieving them, and rewarding yourself. Plant a small garden, or maybe just one plant, and when the first bud blooms or you pick your first vegetable you can buy a nice frame and take a picture of it to remind yourself that you reached your goal.

Decide on an easy goal such as reaching out to ten people in one day - offering a smile, assistance or just a kind word. When you reach your goal, you can buy yourself that little trinket you’ve been eyeing - and you’ll be in a wonderful mood to enjoy it!

Make sure your surroundings are uplifting. Fill your home with things you love to look at, and items you have chosen or made yourself. If you share a home, have a special place that is just for you, where you can keep your treasures. Make mealtime special, especially if you are alone. You are worth getting out the good china and setting the table for - you are worth a home-cooked meal!

Every night, write down what you have done for yourself that day. Finish by saying how you feel about yourself, and listing something you did right.

If you do something each day to remind yourself that you are important, you will be well on the way to building a healthy self-esteem. Self-esteem building exercises like these are only a few ways you can help yourself grow!

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