Self-Esteem Building Activities

A good group of self-esteem building activities is built around the concept of self appreciation and compliment giving. Many self-esteem issues stem from a lifetime of abusive or dismissive treatment that engenders a pattern of self doubt or poor personal image.

Start building your self-esteem

In order to begin building or re-building your self-esteem , you have to accept who you are by reinforcing a positive self image. If you have grown into the habit of thinking negatively about yourself, you will need to train yourself to achieve the opposite.

List making is one of the first self-esteem building exercises you can do to start changing the way you see yourself! Here are a few lists you can make:

• Five strengths you have. Friendliness, patience, courage, for example.

• Five things to admire in yourself. Raising a happy, healthy child, your good relationship with a sibling, etc.

• The five greatest achievements in your life. Graduating high school, parenting a child, and so on.

• At least 20 things you know how to do. These can be simple, like baking a cake, or complicated, like speaking French!

These lists can help remind you of your worth when you are feeling down on yourself. Another set of lists can include goals:

• 10 things you can do to make yourself laugh. Do at least one a day!

• 10 things you can do to make someone else laugh

• 10 ways to help another person.

• 10 things you can do for yourself that don’t consist of buying something; think taking an extra long bubble bath, a walk in the woods or chatting with a friend.

Self Affirmations

Self affirmation
may seem corny, but it is a powerful tool. When we constantly hear negative things about ourselves, we come to perpetuate that by feeling negative. If you look in the mirror and tell yourself you are good, you are worthy, and you deserve to be alive and happy, you will come to believe those positive things instead.

There are many more excellent self-esteem building activities , but these should put you on the right track. Love yourself, and others will soon follow!

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