Building High Self-Esteem

Tips and techniques for building high self-esteem

Building high self-esteem is one of the most important goals you can strive toward. Having healthy self-respect enables you to remain positive and deal with whatever challenges life puts in front of you.

When you think of building high self-esteem you may be concerned that you might become too full of yourself, over-confident or arrogant. Having high self-esteem and being arrogant are not the same thing.

People with high self-esteem have the following characteristics:

• They have confidence in their ability to meet day to day challenges

• They don’t spend a lot of time worrying about what other people think of them.

• They don’t have a need to put down other people

• They are able to learn from their mistakes

• They are able to laugh at themselves

• They are able to take criticism without being devastated or crippled by it

• They are not afraid of failure

Building high self-esteem is a gradual process that will take time. The ultimate goal is an unlimited confidence in your own ability to handle all situations. As Anthony Robbins said, “High self-esteem comes from feeling like you have control over events, not that events have control over you.”

Here are some ways of developing high self-esteem:

Picture yourself succeeding. Whatever challenge you’re trying to face, work on believing that you will succeed. Being successful doesn’t always happen with the first burst of effort. Imagine yourself attaining your goals, and keep reminding yourself that you don’t lose unless you quit.

Love yourself. Low self-esteem often comes about by being other-focused. If you are looking for approval from someone else and they won’t give it to you, you can’t win. If instead you offer yourself love and approval no matter what, then you win no matter what the outcome of any given event.

Work toward your goals. If you want a better job but believe you can’t get one, you’re right if you never get off the couch. If instead you send out a hundred resumes, you deserve self-respect just for making the effort. Break your goals into small steps that you can reach, such as sending out five or ten resumes a day. Be proud of yourself for each small step attained.

Notice what you do right on a daily basis. Each night before you go to bed, think about what you did right that day. . You can either do this on paper or mentally, but this is a habit that is one of the key methods of building high self-esteem.

Learn from your mistakes. A person with low self-esteem is crippled by their mistakes. . Every mistake is an opportunity to learn something and to choose to do something differently the next time around. Make it a point to find the lesson in each loss and move on.

These are just a few ideas on how to build high self-esteem. By working toward this goal on a daily basis, your self-respect will gradually increase and you will find yourself more and more able to handle any situation that is placed in front of you.

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