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Building high self-esteem

There are many examples of self-esteem projects. If you are committed to building self-worth in yourself or your children, design projects which lay out the steps you need to take each day. Building self-esteem has to be an ongoing decision. High self-esteem doesn’t appear overnight. You can’t suddenly flip a switch and end up with positive self-esteem. Change takes place one baby step at a time and real change only happens with persistence and focus.

Self-esteem projects can be as simple as committing to writing in a journal every night. Notice the things you did right every day for a month or two. If you make note of your progress every day for a period of time, after a while, you will be surprised how far you have come and how many things you have to be proud of.

You should also spend some time making a list of the things you have done right in the course of your lifetime. If you were asked right now to make a list of your accomplishments or what you are proud of since you were young, you might only be able to list a couple of things. But if you keep thinking about it, other memories will surface, small accomplishments that deserved recognition when you were younger and may or may not have gotten it. Keep an ongoing list of the things you have done in your life that you should be proud of. Refer to this list often. Give yourself credit for the things you have already done right throughout your life. Whatever mistakes you have made in your life, you have also done quite a bit right. Give yourself a pat on the back for each small success.

Make a commitment to working with your children regularly and consistently to help raise their self-esteem. Get in the habit of being generous with praise. Collect their schoolwork that has good grades or artwork that you are proud of and display it openly. Brag about their accomplishments to friends and family members. Help them to notice in themselves what they have done right each and every day. Once again, you won’t see instant results, but over a period of time, there will be no doubt how far you and your children have come.

In a classroom or church group, self-esteem projects can involve volunteering in the community to help others. It’s amazing how uplifting giving to others can be. In fact, low self-esteem is often a symptom of being completely self-centered, as you are constantly dwelling on your own discomfort. Raising your own self-esteem can often come about by focusing outside yourself and seeing who is less fortunate than you are, and who you can help.

Stay committed to building your self-esteem with projects, small or large. The results will be well worth the time.

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