Self-Esteem Projects for Children

Building self-esteem in kids

Self-esteem projects for children are one way to make working on a child’s opinion of himself fun. There are many types of projects for children that stimulate a child’s sense of creativity as well as helping to build a strong sense of self-worth.

All art projects that encourage a child to create using their own imagination help to build self-esteem. For instance, there are more benefits to a child’s sense of self-esteem when he is told to draw a picture of the prettiest place he’s ever been, rather than being told to draw a grassy field and a lake. The challenge of solving the problem and creating something from nothing will help a child start to believe in himself.

The more a child is encouraged to develop her creative nature at a young age, the more she tends to value herself as she grows up. Some example of self-esteem projects for children that help develop her sense of self-worth are;

• creating things out of clay

• creating a collage

• making something out of construction paper

• painting

• window decorations

For a younger child, find a project that can be done quickly and easily before their attention span comes to an end. Whenever a child completes a project, it leads to a sense of accomplishment that is an automatic self-esteem booster.

When your child has completed a project, allow him to tell you all about it. This is an essential part of savoring the sense of accomplishment. Feel the excitement, joy and pride right along with him.

Here are a couple of specific self-esteem projects for children:

1. Cut a star out of construction paper. Have the child name one nice thing about herself, meaning a specific characteristic she possesses. Examples are kind, thoughtful and smart. Write this one characteristic on one side of the star. On the other side, have the child draw a picture of herself, or attach a small photograph of your child. This superstar decoration can be hung from a Christmas tree, bulletin board or wall.

2. Create an “All about Me” book. This book can include a drawing done by the child of himself, as well as a list of what makes the child unique. Some examples of what to include are;

• Favorite food

• Favorite color

• Favorite book

• Happiest memory

• Photos of family or pet

Any time you take the time to do a project such as this with your child, she comes to think of herself as having value. You communicate her value by spending time with her one on one and helping her to recognize her uniqueness and what makes her special.

Remember that one of the most important keys of self-esteem projects for children is completion. The more you praise your child for completing the project and listen to her description of what she has accomplished, the more of a sense of self-worth she will get out of what she has done.

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