Unlimited Fun: Self-Esteem Group Activities

When you mention the idea of self-esteem group activities everybody has different opinion about it. What I am talking about is a valuable time when people are doing, creating something together when they are in the flow, the positive flow of the enjoyment those games or activities give them. Whatever you do, whoever you do it with the point always should be to find the most enjoyable activities, games or situations for everybody to prosper.

What does "self-esteem group activities" really mean?

When you are with bunch of people and do “silly” things. The biggest advantage of playing together is that you will have immediate feedback and tons of fun at the same time. Basically this is the time when you are with your family, friends or with your loved ones and ready to have some fun. Or you are in the school participating, organizing or designing games or certain activities.

Whenever people are together to do or create something, when they have the same goals or tasks to solve, their relationships are improving immediately. The notion of working together as a group will boost their self-esteem and confidence and will give each participant a sense of belonging. You can call it team work or team building if you like.

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Children's activities

You can develop children’s self-esteem much faster as well by playing self-esteem group activities. You have to set up an environment for them where they feel comfortable, where they are with other kids or adults they like to be with and they play with them. The best reward is always to see their smiley faces during the activity. They will talk about these games for a long time. When there are children involved always give them encouraging words and notice whenever they do something great.

Something like:

• Wow! You did a great job.

• We could not have won this game without you.

• You are fast.

• You are smart.

• You are talented.

• Show me how you did it.

• Fantastic!

• You are good at this.

• Excellent!

• I am proud of you or whatever is appropriate in the situation.

Self-esteem building activities such as sports, board games, art, outdoors, cooking, drama or theatrical performances, service for the community would help to develop certain interests or skills in children and adults as well and will give them a positive feedback that they did something great and useful.

People who learn how to be a part of the group, how to behave among others and how to communicate with different people will most likely use this knowledge to respect and appreciate others later in their life. Playing a game together is a good way to release stress too. The more you involved in a group activity the smaller your “problems” seem to be. You can have some advice from others regarding to your situation or come up with an idea you have never thought before by turning your attention out of your “challenge” to focus on the game. Group activities have physiological, mental and emotional advantages.

9 tips for group activities

1. Involvement in planning. Before any activities ask the participating partner(s) how they would like to do it. Just the planning by itself could be so much fun.

2. Board games. Chess, checkers, backgammon, monopoly, brainteasers, family, strategy or children games, scrabble, origami, trivial pursuit. Whatever you choose make sure everybody understands the rules and praise them after they did a great job. Especially encourage people with low self-esteem.

3. Write poems or write about your dreams together or individually. Read them to each other and discuss them.

4. Drawing self portraits. Even if you feel that you have no talent to do that. It’s going to be so much fun.

5. Saying positive, encouraging sentences.

6. Have an interview with your husband, partner, children.(role playing)

7. Dress up like a cartoon figure. Be Superman, Shrek and the Simpson family or anybody who you would like to be. Let your creative juice flow and surprise each other.This is one of the funniest part of self-esteem group activities.

8. Be spontaneous. I remember when I was younger we use to go to a lake in Hungary and played chess in the sand. We got some wood sticks what we draw the chess board in the sand with and found couple stones or rocks for the figures. The smaller rocks or wood sticks were the pawns the bigger ones were the kings, queens etc. And we were having fun.

9. Pulling a topic from a baseball cap. It can be 2 or more people to play this game. Everybody puts let’s say 3 topics into the cap. It could be anything you are interested in or you think others would be interested in. For example; the life of Winston Churchill, cultivating roses, personal development, fasting, race cars anything you want.

You have to make an agreement that no matter what the subject is going to be everybody will participate. Every once in a while - you have to have a time frame (1 week, two, a month etc.) - someone pulls a topic out of the baseball cap. After that everybody do their research for the time period is given by the group about the subject.

For example; Let’s say you pulled personal development. The time frame is 2 weeks. Everybody do their research for 2 weeks about personal development. You can go to the Library, renting CDs or DVDs, research on the internet, talk to people whatever you prefer.

After 2 weeks everybody gets together and discuss the topic. You will learn a lot by researching and talking about a certain subject with your friends or family members. And it’s a lot of fun. You will realize that 2-3 hours already gone and you guys just warming up.

Self-esteem group activities are lots of fun and very useful for your personal development. Be creative and try new games or activities to improve your skills and talents.

self-esteem group activities for adults

"Build a dream and the dream will build you."

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