Self-esteem games

Self-esteem games are a subtle way you can help build a child’s self-esteem. Your child’s sense of his own self-worth is the key to his development socially, emotionally and intellectually. Playing games makes working on this sense of self-worth a fun thing to do.

The goal of these games is to show children that it’s great to be themselves. This is a fairly easy goal to accomplish if you’re working with very young children. Children under 5 have no problem listing off things they do well. As children get older, self-consciousness increases and many children begin to believe that they don’t do anything well, or that they don’t do anything well enough. Self-esteem games focus on positive qualities, and increase a child’s awareness of what he or she is doing right. They can build on this awareness and grow into healthy self-confidence.

A child with low self-esteem may have trouble interacting with others and may resist taking risks or taking on new challenges. Particularly for this type of child, games need to be fun and as non-threatening as possible.

One example of a self-esteem game is to have a group of children each pick a name out of a hat. For the name they choose, they should make a list of all the positive qualities they can think of regarding that person. Negative comments are not allowed. The lists are gathered by an adult and read back to the group. During games such as this, children are often surprised and pleased to hear the good things that are said about them.

If you are looking for an activity for just one child , make a list of different aspects of the child’s life, such as math class, spelling class, swimming lessons, getting along with brothers and sisters, helping around the house, etc. For each aspect of the child’s life, they should be asked to share something about that aspect of their life that made them feel good about themselves.

Another way to get your child in the habit of recognizing positive qualities in themselves is at the end of each day, ask the child to write down something they did right that day. This can be in the form of a paragraph or a drawing. Put up this positive statement or picture on a bulletin board. Do this every day for 30 days. At the end of 30 days, call to your child’s attention all the things they have done right or accomplished in the last month.

Games are important

Self-esteem games are a great way to get children in the habit of looking for the good in themselves and others. Games are great ways you can help your child begin a journey to a healthy sense of self-worth.

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