Free Stress Management Activities

Stress management activities can take your mind off of your worries and center you in a place of calm. You'll come out of these activities focused and better able to deal with whatever the day might bring.

You can use them in the morning to kick start your day; on your coffee break to settle your nerves, or before bed to gain peace of mind and relaxation.

Use self massage when you can - simply rubbing one palm with the thumb from your other hand can release endorphins - move up to the spots behind your ears and really feel tension dissolve!

Create a mantra; personal affirmations can boost self confidence and self-esteem and silence internal criticism which could be contributing to stress.

Write it down, a journal is a great way to divest yourself of the junk you carry around all day - spill it out on paper and let it go before you lay down to sleep.

Bask in the warmth. Rub your hands together briskly to create heat, then cup your hands over your face for five seconds while you breathe deeply with your eyes closed.

Do a little self acupressure. Press your fingers to the center of your forehead in the dip between your eyes above your nose, to the back of the neck in the hollow of your skull, and on the backs of your shoulders between the neck and the shoulder blades.

Shake yourself down. Hold your arms out to your sides and let your hands hang limp from the wrists. Shake your arms for 10 seconds or so, and feel the stress flying out from your fingertips.

Bounce on into the bedroom for some one on one stress reduction with your partner. Sex is a proven, natural mood enhancer and can relax every bone in your body if done correctly.

Take a mental trip. Stare up into the sky or out the window and imagine yourself taking a trip somewhere exotic and far away.

Take a literal trip. This could range from a long walk to a weekend getaway on an island somewhere. Commit to having fun for the duration of the trip, however short - no stress allowed.

Take a soak - if you don't have time for a full bath, try sticking your hands or feet in some hot, scented water. You'll feel more relaxed and soothe your aching muscles.

Stretch it out. Doing a short series of stretches can get a mild endorphin buzz going and relive tension stored in your muscles, relieving pain you didn't even register and making you feel energized. If you can, lie down on the floor and indulge in 'making a snow angel' without any snow. This is practically a full body workout!

Make something grow. Tending a garden, flowerbox or lone potted plant can be cathartic. Consider a tiny herb garden - you can crush the fresh herbs in your fingers for an instant aromatic pick me up.

If you can fit just one or two of these stress management activities into each day, you'll be amazed at how much more relaxed and worry free you will be.

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