Self doubt and self hatred are common symptoms of depression

Recognizing the early signs and symptoms of depression is the key to stopping it in its tracks! Often depression is caused by low self-esteem or feelings of self doubt or self hatred. Other possible culprits are chemical imbalances or physical illnesses that lead to feelings of despair. Ask yourself the questions below and see if you are at risk for depression.

symptoms of depressionsymptoms of depression

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Helplessness / Hopelessness

Are you waking up each morning thinking ‘what’s the use?’ Do you feel that no matter what you do, things only get worse? Have you felt like giving up completely?

Disinterest in Former Activities

Are you suddenly bored with all your favorite pastimes? Do you no longer find pleasure in food, recreational activities or sex? Have you completely given up on a social life?

Weight Change

Have you suddenly lost or gained a considerable amount of weight? Do you find yourself either eating uncontrollably, or completely disinterested in food? Are the foods that you used to enjoy now tasteless and unappetizing?

Sleeping Patterns

Have you begun sleepwalking? Do you have terrible hopeless dreams you cannot wake from? Are you suddenly unable to sleep at all, or do you feel like sleeping all day every day?


Have you felt keyed up all the time? Are you nervous every time you have to leave the house? Do you constantly go over and over things in your mind, worrying about what can go wrong?

Fatigue / Loss of Concentration

Are you constantly exhausted? Do even the smallest tasks leave you drained and fatigued? Have you been having trouble concentrating or remembering things?

Self Directed Anger

Have you been experiencing severe self doubt or feelings of worthlessness? Are you constantly criticizing or mentally berating yourself? Do you feel misplaced guilt and shame over every little thing?

There is Hope!

If your answer is yes to many of these questions, you do have symptoms of depression. The good news is that even severe depression is treatable! Action must be taken to fix any medical reasons, and then you can go to work on your inner self to break away from bad thought patterns and relearn how to appreciate yourself and realize your self worth.

There are many tools that you can learn to use to beat depression and improve your inner confidence and self-esteem. Readjusting your inner voice to a more positive attitude will have an enormous influence on your life! Once you learn to see yourself as a good, useful person, you will naturally feel better about your day to day experiences.

Don’t forget to consult a physician if you show severe symptoms of depression, however, as underlying physical causes can undermine even the best intentioned self-esteem building program. Sometimes medication is required to help you stabilize, then you can begin a focused attempt to rebuild yourself in your own eyes.

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