Team Building Concepts

Team building concepts focus on the needs of groups and individuals to create a smooth and successful working relationship between team members.

Employers and team leaders can offer incentives, such as money, to their team members to encourage performance, but will an incentive encourage their best performance? It’s doubtful. The ultimate success of your group project relies on the motivation of individuals, the overall purpose shared by all, the synergy of the group, and the value of group members — which is the focus of team building exercises.

Promoting Motivation

Ask yourself what it is that motivates you to take care of your responsibilities. Perhaps it’s the bills you have to pay, the mouths you need to feed, and the role you wish to keep within your home or workplace.

Now ask yourself what it is that motivates you to work at your peak performance level. Perhaps it’s the sense of accomplishment from overcoming a challenge, the drive to succeed at something you enjoy, or the desire to fulfill a larger purpose. As you can see, the difference between meeting responsibility and assuming peak performance depends on the source of your motivation — it’s either internal or external.

Team building focuses on the motivation that encourages peak performance rather than the dreadful sense of obligation.

As team members get to know one another and work toward achievement of a common goal, their internal motivation increases, because they wish to overcome the challenges and to become useful members of their group.

Finding Purpose

It’s only natural that people want to feel a purpose in what it is they do each day. Internal motivations often reflect the needs of healthy self-esteem or a greater purpose in life, and team building exercises help people find this fulfillment within basic tasks. For example, group problem-solving activities offer individuals the internal motivation to overcome an obstacle, but they also fulfill a higher purpose of helping an entire group.

Creating Synergy

Imagine individuals within a group as the many parts of an engine. Each part or person has an important role, but a smooth project requires the sum of all parts.

Team building encourages people to work with each other toward a combined effort, regardless of the differences they may have with one another. As people learn through team exercises to see past their differences and find the best methods for finding success together, they are better equipped to work together toward the achievement of the group’s true purpose.

Value Group Members

Just as the individual parts of an engine have specific qualities and functions, the many people within a group have individual personalities and methods for achieving larger goals. As you can see in most workplaces, the sum of personalities can cause a lot of friction.

Team building, however, highlights the benefits of these differences and helps people see the value that they and others offer the ultimate goal. A valued member will find motivation and purpose while using team building concepts to contribute to the synergy of his or her group. Very helpful to have team building concepts.

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