How to Boost Self-Esteem

Compliment others - Choose uplifting music

Learning to boost self-esteem can lead to a happy and productive life. If you go through life with a low opinion of yourself, you will hold yourself back from what you might accomplish. You will never meet your potential. So taking steps to boost your self-esteem is very important to grow and develop into the best person you can be.

Low self-esteem can negatively impact every part of your life from your health to your relationships to your career potential. Make a commitment to do something to boost your self-esteem every day starting today. You deserve to be treated as a person of value, particularly by yourself.

Here are some places to get started.

Exercise. Make a decision to become more active – and then do it. Go for a bike ride or a hike, join an aerobics class. Challenge yourself to learn yoga or tai chi. Get involved in weight training. Not only will you feel better physically, but your self-esteem will increase each time you challenge yourself to go a little further and succeed.

Listen to music. Music is one of those topics that immediately brings to mind different interpretations for different people. Whatever music you respond to, spend some time listening to your favorite kind of music. Choose music that makes you feel uplifted or motivated.

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Give compliments to those around you.
Decide each day that you will pay a compliment to three different people. One of them can be you! Make a commitment to do something to boost your self-esteem every day starting today. When you realize how much you can raise the spirits of other people by offering compliments and encouragement, you will add this habit to your daily routine. Remember to compliment yourself each day for your accomplishments, including things you have attempted and failed. Get in the habit of patting yourself on the back often, for all your efforts, whether the results are what you were hoping for or not.

Offer affection to those you love. Don’t forget to be affectionate with your spouse, your children and your pets. Remind yourself often why you love them and why they are a significant part of your life. When you feel that sense of unconditional love that is freely offered by a pet or a child, you will be reminded what a loveable person you really are.

Laughter. Self-esteem often goes down when you wallow in despair and self-pity. Instead, go out of your way to find reasons to laugh. Watch old sit-coms or Three Stooges movies. Stop taking yourself and your life so seriously.

What makes you unique? Spend some them thinking about this. Each and every one us has something to offer the world that only we can offer. What will your family and friends remember you for when you’re gone? What is your legacy? One way to boost self-esteem is to identify your unique qualities and realize that you do have a contribution to make to life, to the greater good of those whose lives you touch.

You are special. Find out what makes you that way. Begin your journey to boost self-esteem and celebrate being exactly who you are.

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