Daily Motivation

Daily motivation is the best way to start and end each day, especially if you struggle with issues such as low self confidence or esteem, poor self concept or an unrealistic body image.

There are many ideas you can incorporate into your own personal daily motivational program. Below is a sampling that you can easily incorporate into even the busiest of days!

Write down a mantra, and repeat it every morning. Do you normally leap out of bed and into the shower, then dash off to work? If you absolutely can’t get up a few minutes earlier, laminate your mantra and stick it to the shower wall. It could say something like:

“I am a good person. I am worthy of my own respect, and the respect of others. Today, I promise myself that I will remember this if anyone tries to make me feel less than I am.” This trick removes any way to claim you don’t have time for self motivation!

While drying off and combing your hair, look in the mirror and pick one thing you like about your appearance. Make a mental note to think of that thing whenever you are tempted to feel down about yourself throughout the day.

Eat breakfast, and I don’t mean a donut. If you are not a bacon and eggs or cereal person, try a piece of fruit and some whole wheat toast. Eating healthy foods in the morning gives you energy to start your day!

When you are driving, listen to motivational tapes, or sing your favorite songs out loud. When you are at work, take a few minutes at break time to write down one good thing that happened, even if it’s just that you accomplished a task in record time, or that you learned a new skill or shortcut.

At night, repeat your mantra again while removing your makeup or brushing your teeth. Yes, repeating it silently counts! It’s the voice in your head we are trying to train, after all. Read a chapter (or even just a page!) of a motivational book before turning out the light, or journal for five minutes about your day, focusing on the positive things like what made you feel good about yourself.

Make a chart to record every day you complete your entire motivational routine, and when you achieve an entire week of daily motivation, treat yourself with a special something you have been wanting. Add another item to your agenda, and continue to motivate yourself daily.

You will notice that as you support yourself on a daily basis by setting small goals and reaching them, your self-esteem will increase and you will begin to perceive yourself differently. After a year, try to look back and gauge how far you have come. You will be amazed at the positive change in the way you see yourself as well as your outlook on life!

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