Free Activities for Kids

Creative activities for kids

It’s not that hard to find free activities for kids. Most kids have some artistic tendencies, so when your children are bored or restless, suggest some type of creative activity.

Here are a few boredom busting ideas:

Draw pictures. Children love to draw. Encourage total freedom of expression. Experiment with crayons, colored pencils, chalk, markers. Let them draw whatever they want for a while. When they run out of ideas, suggest they draw their favorite animal or cartoon character.

Finger paint. Make a print of your children’s hands and feet. Allow your child to be as creative as he wants to be.

Craft out of construction paper. Create three-dimensional items such as houses or chains. Make paper dolls and clothes, puppets and pinwheels. Cut out trees, clouds and birds and glue them to a background. Use glitter to perk it up even more. For even more challenging projects, borrow a book from the library on origami and learn to make birds and flowers out of paper. Or, to keep it simple, make a few paper airplanes.

Build out of clay. Children can fashion various shapes from clay. Make people and animals or any other item that their imagination can come up with.

Make a collage. Put together a collage out of old photographs or magazine clippings.

Grow plants. Start some seeds indoors. Grow herbs or indoor flowers. Try sprouting seeds from fruit, such as apples or peaches.

Bake. Try your hand at baking a cake or bread from scratch. Make brownies or cupcakes.

Make a game out of cleaning. Clean out some closets or drawers and make it fun. Give out prizes for the best job, but be sure each child gets a prize. One could get a prize for the quickest job, another for the most thorough, another for the most organized.

Create their own craft. Collect assorted items and allow children to come up with their own ideas using miscellaneous supplies. Here are some examples;

  • Pine cones
  • Cardboard
  • Straws
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Rags made out of old clothes or sheets
  • Buttons

Other free activities for kids include things you can do outdoors. Try these:

  • Make a game of catching insects. Try your hand at catching fireflies, ants, butterflies, grasshoppers or ladybugs.
  • Pick up a field guide from the library and go for a walk, identifying various kinds of trees, wildflowers and plants.

  • Start a rock collection

  • Play hide and seek or tag

  • Blow soap bubbles and chase them

  • Play tennis, badminton or miniature golf

  • If you’re a little more adventurous, try skateboarding, roller skating or roller blading

  • Explore what there is to do at your local state park. Some state parks offer guided nature trail tours or even interesting things like an “owl prowl” in the evening, or finding seashells by the shore.

Finding free activities for kids can be done with a little effort and imagination. Often getting started is the hardest part.

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