Self-esteem games for children

Educate your children

Self-esteem games for children are probably the best way to educate them and to develop their self-esteem.There is the variety of tips and techniques to help your child to overcome fear and low self-esteem in her/his early development. During playing they forget about the environment, their only focus is right on the game. Playing and fooling around is natural for them and they are willing to do the “extra mile” in exchange for some fun.

Children can play certain games by themselves or in groups. Self-esteem group activities have a special place in their life, because they not only focus on the game itself, but they will build their social skills at the same time by accommodating to different people who they play with.

Games have certain RULES. Children can learn them quickly and apply it immediately. Everybody has to take the rules otherwise there is a chaos. Children can change and develop those rules only when it applies for every participant.

And this is another advantage of playing self-esteem games with children. They can use their CREATIVITY to invent new ways of playing the game, invent new strategies or methods during these activities.

Every game has a GOAL; winning the game (of course), being faster, stronger, building it higher etc. Whatever the goal is they have to play the game until it’s finished. There are certain games you can get back to them later or some other time, but in general they start the game and they finish it.

It is very important, because by the end of it they accomplish something. They started a game, they played by the rules, they used their creativity to develop new ways to play and they reached their goal to finish the game. And the most important: THEY HAD SO MUCH FUN.

Now it’s time to praise them for their good job.

• You did a great job!

• Excellent work. Thank you.

• You are smart.

• You are talented.

• You are simply the best.

• It was so much fun. Thank you.

Self-esteem games for children are lots of fun. Nothing improves their self-esteem better and quicker than activities where they are having fun, laughing constantly and enjoying every moment of it. Be creative and try to keep up with your child’s curiosity by introducing her/him to different activities.

Developing children’s self-esteem is hard work, but the reward - their smile, overall well-being and constant development- is priceless.

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