Self-esteem activities for children

Unfortunately there are so many kids struggling with low self-esteem in our society. Self-esteem activities for children can help them to learn essential skills and behavior to cope with the challenges they face. They have to learn to accept the fact that failure or temporary setbacks are part of our life.

You as a parent have to work with them together to get them a better understanding of their own values and talents to utilize that enormous knowledge and potential they have to be more confident.

They have to learn at early age the importance of the rules. Giving them freedom does not mean that they can do whatever they want to do. If you don’t control them their behavior is going to be chaotic.

Every time you give them a task explain the reason why they have to do it and what will be the benefit of doing it. People tend to act more accurately if they know the reasons behind their act.

15 self-esteem activities for children

1. SPORT. Any physical group activity has the advantage of playing together and share the joy during the game and at the end. Enroll your child to a sport class as soon as possible. They can start lessons in elementary school or even earlier.

self-esteem activities for children

2. ART. They can use their creativity to build something. Supply them with the proper tools to draw, sculpt, paint etc.

3. Have them WRITE A POEM about life, love, dogs, cats, their hobby etc. Sometimes, try to write a poem with them together. Certain occasions are great for that. (Birthdays, Thanksgiving, Christmas etc.)

4. VACATION. Take them to different places. Mountains, ocean, big inspiring city, zoo, museums, photo exhibitions, ancient ruins, flower gardens, theme parks etc. Stimulate them with the variety of experiences. It’s a good learning process for them and for you too, because you can discover their “hidden” interests or skills they have.







11. GARDENING, cultivating and watering flowers.

12. Have them to MAKE THEIR OWN LUNCH.


14. PUT SELF-ESTEEM POSTERS on the wall with them, so they can see it first thing in the morning.

15. PUT POSITIVE NOTES around the house with funny, smiley faces on them. Children will appreciate them. It will create a good mood, a pleasant environment and they would more likely do the assigned task.

Self-esteem activities for children - if they are appropriate for their age - can help to develop the sense of responsibility and boost their self-esteem and confidence. Parents can support children by praising them, encouraging them and giving them opportunities to try new things and discover and create their own opinion and skills.

When they grow up they become independent thinkers who can take care of the challenges by developing self control and self-love to feel good about themselves and to know that they have all the resources available to solve their “problems”.

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