Goal Setting Exercises

Short and long term goal setting exercises

Goal Setting Exercises can be done daily, weekly or monthly to keep your immediate, short and long term goals right in front of you. Everyone needs to set immediate goals in their life that they can achieve quickly to help grow self-esteem and self confidence.

They need short term goals that require work over a period of time, and long term ones to allow them to dream big and achieve even more.

A good exercise to help define goals involves making lists and answering a series of questions.

Long term goals

First, ask yourself the question: If you had a hundred thousand dollars to spend, what would you buy? You can’t invest it, pay bills with it or anything like that - you have to spend it just on yourself and the things you want. Write down at least ten of them. This lists represents some of your long term goals; things you want to achieve in your lifetime or even just the next twenty years.

Short term goals

Second, imagine you are three years down the road and you meet yourself. Ask your future self some questions:

Where do you live?

What do you drive?

How do you make a living?

What is your yearly salary?

What are your hobbies?

What have you given up, or started doing?

What new skill have you learned?

Write down your answers. These are your short term goals; the ones you can hope to achieve in a few years time.

Third, suppose you have another hundred thousand dollars - and the stipulation is that you give it all away or use it to help others. What charity or causes would you support? Write it down - these are your goals for helping your fellow man.

Fourth, ask yourself a series of questions and write down the answers; When was the last time you:

Felt successful?

Felt deep happiness?

Felt at peace?

Were really proud of yourself?

Learned something new?

Achieved perfect focus?

Did something you didn’t want to do, but did it anyway?

The answers to these questions are your frame of reference. You can work towards feeling the same levels of happiness, contentment and success in your life more frequently.

What would you do?

Fifth, one more time - you win the lottery or come into an inheritance - this time it is millions. You are debt free; no worries about debt or bills, no need to work to support yourself. What would you do?

This lets you imagine what it would be like to follow your heart, to pursue your dreams. Is there a way you can implement some of those things into your life now? You may have to work for a living, but can you do something you are passionate about?

These goal setting exercises help you define the things in life you want to achieve - not just material possessions, but life altering ways of living and mental and emotional feelings! Goals should encompass all areas of your life, not just financial and physical things.

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