Questionnaire on self-esteem

The following questionnaire on self-esteem will help you to find out how high your self-esteem is. The result of this questionnaire does not evaluate you as a person, it is simply indicates your opinion about yourself. Please answer YES(y) or NO(n) to the following questions:

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1. Do you like yourself? ___

2. Do you feel lonely most of the time? ___

3. Do you want to look different? ___

4. Do you take full responsibility for your actions? ___

5. Do you compare yourself to others? ___

6. Are you concerned about what others say about yourself? ___

7. Do you feel comfortable attending to a party? ___

8. Do you focus on your failures instead of your successes? ___

9. Do you think that you are worthy to be loved? ___

10. Do you blame others often? ___

11. Do you blame yourself often? ___

12. Do you always finish what you started? ___

13. Do you need recognition to feel good about yourself? ___

14. Are you confident all the time? ___

15. Do you stand up for yourself? ___

16. Do you think that you are talented? ___

17. Do you have goals or dreams to accomplish? ___

18. Do you give before you get? ___

19. Do you tell the truths to yourself? ____

20. Do you think you can handle any situations? ___

21. Do you like being alone sometimes? ___

22. Do you always achieve your goals? ___

Score: If you answered YES to the following questions give yourself “1” point after each answer;

1, 4, 7, 9, 12, 14-22. The answer NO equals “O” point.

If you answered YES to the following questions give yourself “O” point after each answer;

2, 3, 5, 6, 8, 10, 11, 13. The answer NO equals “1” point.

The higher the score the higher the level of your self-esteem.

You can print out this questionnaire on self-esteem and start working to boost your self-esteem with the help of the links below.

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