Self-Esteem Inventory

A self-esteem inventory is a way of building awareness of your current self-esteem. A store frequently takes inventory on what is still available for sale and what has already been sold. It is for the purpose of awareness. Without knowing what items are selling, the store owner can’t make intelligent decisions on what to buy next. Similarly, without knowing how you are feeling about yourself, you can’t intelligently plan what areas need work.

Self-esteem is defined as your opinion of yourself. A self-esteem inventory will help make you conscious of your sense of self-worth and what scenarios may cause you a sense of self-doubt or uncertainty.

One way of taking a self-esteem inventory is by using a self-esteem quiz. Another is to make a list of questions and answers in your journal.

Keep in mind that a tool such as this is designed for awareness. Scores aren’t really important. There is no right or wrong answer to each question. The goal is to learn where things stand now; what your strengths and weaknesses are and what your problem areas are so you can make a plan to work on them.

Here are some sample questions you can write in your journal and consider how you would respond. Answer these questions:

a) always

b) sometimes

c) rarely

d) never

Remember, there is no point value. This is for the purpose of awareness only.

1. Am I satisfied with the way I look?

2. Am I proud of my accomplishments?

3. Do other people like being around me?

4. Do I forgive myself for my mistakes?

5. Am I satisfied with my career choices?

6. Do I feel confident that I will do better next time when I can’t solve a problem?

7. Can I ask for help when I need it?

8. Am I not afraid to try new things?

9. Am I not afraid to meet new people?

10. Do I love myself?

11. Can I accept criticism from others without taking it to heart? Do I recognize that criticism may or may not be deserved, and doing one thing imperfectly doesn’t make me a failure?

12. Do I avoid comparing myself with other people?

13. Does my opinion count?

14. Do I accept responsibility for my actions, and for my reactions to what other people say about me?

15. Do I understand that my failures don’t make me a failure and that they are opportunities to learn to do things better?

16. Do I avoid putting myself down?

17. Do I surround myself with other people who don’t put me down?

18. Can I handle whatever is put in front of me?

When you are able to identify specific areas that need work by using a tool such as a self-esteem inventory, you can make a plan to focus on these individual areas. Practice using affirmations as a way of replacing negative self-talk. Keep track of each small success in a journal on a daily basis.

The first step toward change is awareness, and this first step is often the hardest. Congratulations! You are on your way!

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