Free Self-Esteem Games

The benefit of using positive traits

Free self-esteem games require nothing more than ordinary office supplies and a focus on the positive. Adults and children both benefit from these games, because self-esteem affects the way we see ourselves and others, and can influence our decisions and interpersonal relationships. Some games may need modified to fit the age and developmental level of the participants, but they each provide something we can all use—a positive view of the self. Use these games in the classroom or in team building workshops to start the day off to a fun and rewarding start.

Identifying Positive Traits

People experience a boost in self-esteem when other people point out their positive traits to them, yet it also boosts the person who identifies the trait. We feel better about ourselves when we recognize the good in other people and treat others in a positive manner, which is also part of interpersonal skill development. Games for this depend on the amount of time you have and the long-term purpose of the exercise.

Arts and Self-Esteem

As part of a self-esteem workshop, which should also focus on the person’s ability to identify her own positive traits, begin with a creative art project that allows participants to make booklets of their own traits.

Provide construction paper, art supplies and a small, printed questionnaire about their strengths and constructive qualities. Participants then fill out the questionnaire and turn it into a booklet to keep after the workshop. Ask them to exchange booklets with each member of the group and, without looking at others’ questionnaires, to write something positive about the person on his booklet.

This activity helps group members focus on the qualities of each and also provides a reminder of positive traits that people can refer to as needed afterward.

Self-Esteem Charts

Instruct each student to take an 8x11 piece of poster-board, write their name at the top, and tape it to the wall. Hand out small slips of paper; ask the students to write the name and a positive trait of each of their classmates on individual slips, and instruct them to put them all in a basket when they’re finished.

Pass the basket around the class so each student can pull out a slip, read it aloud, and then tape it to the student’s wall poster. Expect some blushing and giggles with school-aged children! The posters can be kept in the room or given to the students after class.

Self-Esteem Cards

Pin or tape index cards on each person’s back and supply a marker to each member. Group members then walk around writing one positive trait about a person on his or her back. This may require some teamwork to steady the markers and it can be a great ice breaker for group members. Ask the members to unpin each other’s cards afterward; they can then read their own cards and save them to keep at home.

Use free self-esteem games in any environment to help children and adults focus on all they have to offer to themselves and others.

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